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Marketplace: Plans for the New Feline Sampler Box Program

Mr. Sunshine and Jelly Bean present the October Feline Sampler Box.
Mr. Sunshine and Jelly Bean present the October Feline Sampler Box.

Above is my October 2016 Feline Sampler Box, full of the colors and events of autumn, welcoming Meow-lo-ween and a little touch of the December holidays.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on my Feline Sampler Box program, both here, in messages and in person! Since then I’ve:

  • gone three complicated rounds of reorganizing my studio spaces to best work for each activity and its related equipment and materials (while I still have 3/4 of the contents of my kitchen in my basement taking up space I need);
  • evaluated the new products I’ve had in mind, some of them for a couple of years, and worked out which ones are likely and maybe even in what order;
  • repaired or replaced equipment or have plans for replacement and purchased some new equipment, replenished inks and toners and paints and all sorts of surfaces and products and purchased new for the new products.

I am more than ready, and so is Sienna! I have another question and a list of potential new items I am ready or nearly ready to make.

Sienna is ready for some supurrvision.

First, what do I call this “sampler box”?

For more information and ideas about my sampler boxes please visit Marketplace: Would You Be Interested in a Sampler Box Program? That post will show you examples of other sampler boxes I’ve done. This idea will be similar, but quarterly, and the contents will be a little different.

A “sampler box” is the actual idea, but it seems many people see them as a “subscription box.” A few differences for a “sampler box”:

  • While you can prepay for one or more than one, I present the boxes here so you can order only if you’re interested.
  • Because I’m taking things from my inventory, which is either always existing or easily made, you would also be able to order a prior box at any time as well.
  • You can switch out items of like value with other things I offer, so you have a lot of choice of what’s in your box.

I’d love it if you prepaid because it makes it much easier for me, but it’s not necessary, so you’re not actually paying for a subscription, and you actually have a lot of choice about the contents. But how best to make that distinction for others? Do I just keep the name “sampler box” and keep explaining? Some amount of explanation is necessary anyway, and I can always include, “Order one box at any time, current or past, switch items if you’d like something different.” Actual subscriptions would be nice but when I do vendor shows I just make things that I want to have on hand, no need to prepay, and ordering a box and making some changes to the contents is not too different from placing an online order, it just gives you a framework to start with.

So if you have any ideas on how to clarify this, let me know. I’d like to keep “sampler box” but maybe a modifier or two.

black cat with boxes
Sunshine helps me sort cards.

The exciting part—new and renewed ideas!

This looks like a lot, but I’ve been working on some of these for several years. I’m working on some idea all the time. But I’m not going to produce them all at once!! Where I’ve worked on the idea prior to now I’ve linked to it here on The Creative Cat.

Canvas placemats: 11″ x 17″ using my favorite fabric transfers with either a fringed or stitched hem.

Laminated placemats and other items and sizes.

Redesigned totes and accessories using heat transfer materials.

Pillows! Lightweight canvas or twill with the designs described in totes and accessories above as well as random artwork. Completely new!

Dishtowels on new nicer dishtowels! IKEA quit selling the ones I’d used, but I found some nicer and slightly larger heavier muslin towels that I like even better.

Chalkboards with art and embellished with wood, paper and other items and an open space to write on, magnets for fridge and hanging cord.

Handmade Memo pads both adhered to magnetized wood backing and just the pad, no posts to share.

Notebooks with embellished/collaged covers.

Individually handmade greeting cards with paper collage, cut vinyl and other adhesive items, maybe even a pop up.

Small prints of artwork framed with or without glass or on wood as a plaque.

Small collages framed with or without glass or on wood as a plaque, completely new!

New pet memorial items: suncatchers, garden flags/banners, tabletop lighted displays, no samples yet.

Solar lights using upcycled jars, no samples yet.

Windchimes, either using existing chimes as base or entirely constructed by me, no samples yet.


  • with upcycled frames
  • on beveled glass
  • handpainted

Wood panel art mounted on flat or raised wood panel for wall, shelf or tabletop

Lightweight scarves, repeating prints in black or color on upcycled solid color sheer scarves

Tiles and coasters using materials other than polymer clay, like wall or floor tiles, wood or reinforced plaster of paris, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Gift bags:

  • like the existing purchased color bags with art on one face
  • all-over patterns or artwork printed, cut and constructed by me

Wrapping/art paper:

  • color patterns on 13 x 19 sheets
  • hand-printed patterns on kraft, white or other color rolls

Refrigerator magnets:

  • the original polymer clay designs and more cast in reinforced plaster of paris
  • art and photos round or square with cabochon covers from 1.25″ to 3″

Cabochon necklaces and other jewelry

Small puzzles printed on cardboard in gift box, completely new!


November 2016 Feline Sampler Box

Mimi models the November 2016 Feline Sampler Box contents.

Take a look at other new merchandise and featured artwork.

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