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Art Inspired by My Backyard Wildlife Habitat

pastel painting of snowy morning
Morning Snow 1

I hadn’t actually realized how much art I’ve done in, or and inspired by my backyard until I made my list. I had intended when I moved here to fill my yard with subjects for painting, and I guess I succeeded.

So here are thumbnails with links to the pages on my website where you’ll find them. I have them categorized by wild birds, landscapes, flowers and still lifes, and Winter White, which was a show I did entirely of small pieces of winter-themed artwork. You’ll have to scroll around because my pages are still in html, not php or any other script where you can do a customized search, but I hope you enjoy browsing.

All of these images are available as prints or sets of notecards, or you may purchase reproduction rights for use on a website or print publication. Please respect my ownership of these images and purchase them if you’d like to use them—check my online Marketplace to see what’s available and check my Marketplace blog for Backyard Inspired Greeting Cards and Eye on the Sparrow Notecards and Writing Paper,  two sets which feature many of these images.

Wild Birds are on Wildlife, and some are also in Winter White.

painting of junco on snowy branch
Snow Bird

pastel drawing of blue jays in tree
Jammin'Jay Blues

pastel painting of cardinal in snowy branches

pastel painting of birds in snow
Birds in Snow

pencil drawing of doves in bare tree
Biding Time

charcoal sketch of birds in spruce
The Sparrows in the Spruce
linoleum block print of chickadees on tree branch
Busy Chickadees
block print of nature
Near and Far Away

Landscapes are obviously on my Landscapes page, but you can also see the winter-themed ones on Winter White.

pastel painting of snowy morning
Morning Snow 1

pastel painting of snow under trees
Morning Snow 2

pastel painting of misty dawn
pastel painting of foggy morning with spruces

watercolor of tree branches against winter sky

pastel painting of clouds
Cloud Study

pastel painting of bird bath and forget me nots

pastel painting of evening landscape
Spring Evening on the Hills

pastel painting of a spring sunrise
Spring Sunrise

pastel painting of green pepper in bowl
One Pepper

pastel painting of pink and red roses in a vase
Small Roses
pastel painting of red petunias on deck railing

These are also primarily Landscapes but since they are winter-themed I have them linked to Winter White.

watercolor of tree shadows on snow
Colorful Shadows

watercolor of tree shadows on snow
Gentle Shadows

pastel painting of bare tree branches against sky
Wild Black Cherry Tree

pencil drawing of bare tree branches
Tree Study

pastel painting of tree trunks and shadows
Standing Trees

pastel painting of tracks in the snow

I hope you enjoy your visit!

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All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not be used without my written permission. Please ask if you are interested in purchasing one as a print, or to use in a print or internet publication.



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