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Welcome to The Creative Cat!

Welcome to the Creative Cat where even the human leaves pawprints and everything comes with a free side of cat hair, all in the name of creativity. The art in the header you see above is a detail from my painting Warm Winter Sun featuring Namir dozing in the wash of early morning sun in my kitchen. Namir and I laughed at his hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure for years, and in January 2009 he was the inspiration for beginning this blog—and he was truly a Creative Cat.

The human in this household has been rescuing and fostering cats for about 30 years and has lots of stories to tell and valuable information about health and welfare to share with you learned on her feet and on the street and confirmed by her veterinarian. Daily life with rescued cats can be full of joy one day and sadness the next, with humorous episodes and somber moments sharing the same day. My goal is to offer my readers a daily mix that reflects a typical day featuring my original professional and creative writing along with photos and artwork featuring my cats, others’ cats and animals in general.

My felines have inspired and guided my creative life as an artist and writer, and while I’d been writing about and painting my cats and sending printed newsletters since the late 1980s and maintaining a website and e-newsletters since the late 1990s, in the late 2000s it was time to move to this wonderful, flexible mode of blogging and social networking.

Thanks to my evolving feline family, The Creative Cat is an award-winning blog featuring daily articles and stories of feline health, welfare and adventures plus a daily sketch and a daily photo of my cats literally from the studio.

Guide to Images and Articles on The Creative Cat

Each day I post throughout the day:
• An article in one of the topics below
• A Reprise (posted in a previous year), Archive (unpublished digital) or Vintage (unpublished film) Daily Photo
• A New Daily Photo
• A Daily Sketch (from that day) or a Reprise (if I haven’t had a chance to do a new sketch); new Daily Sketch posts also include links to previous daily sketches from that date
To view a daily digest, click the date on the calendar in the right-hand column to bring up the archive of articles published on that day.

My weekly schedule of features:
Sunday: Essays, Pet Loss, Poetry, The Artist’s Life
Monday: Adoptable Cats, TNR & Shelters
Tuesday: Rescue Stories
Wednesday: Commissioned Portrait or Featured Artwork
Thursday: New Merchandise
Friday: Book Review, Health and Welfare, Advocacy
Saturday: Your Backyard Wildlife Habitat, Living Green With Pets, Creating With Cats
And sometimes, I just throw my hands in the air and have fun!

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I maintain The Creative Cat through the love of sharing my art and images, my stories and others’ as well, and promoting the health, welfare and love of cats everywhere.

Reading The Creative Cat will always be free to anyone who arrives here, and I receive no payment for any content, but if you’d like to support what I do it would help to offset the cost of web hosting and maintenance and all the things I do to create and share the content you enjoy.

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14 thoughts on “Welcome to The Creative Cat!

  • Jim Tilberry

    Hello —
    I just self published a book that I think would be ideal for a review on The Creative Cat. It’s title is “Our Cats are Plotting to Kill Us.” Here’s a brief synopsis:
    A married couple discovers a way to read the minds of their cats. By doing so, they find out some amazing stuff about their feline companions. Their cats are exceptionally smart. They philosophize about life, understand Spanish, and know history and pop culture. The cats also have hilarious “conversations” about every cat behavior from chasing mice to grooming to using the litter box. However, the couple also discovers a sinister side to their cats. It appears their cats are secretly scheming to murder their owners. This fictional book includes many funny twists and surprises. It also includes many humorous illustrations.
    Please let me know if you’d like to get this new book to review. I know you’ll love it.
    Jim Tilberry

    • Jim, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I lost three of my cats last year and just couldn’t keep up with everything. I haven’t done book reviews for years but hope to get back to it this year. I’ll be in touch.

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  • Adriana

    Hi Bernadette, I am also looking for a way to contact you. I would like to ask you about how it works with the book reviews. I have just finished a children’s book with a cat hero in Spanish and English and I would love to have it reviewed on your site.
    Thank you.

  • I would love to make the leggings for cats, do you have the pattern? I love cats. I have 8 of them

    • Teresa, are you on Facebook? You can find Leggings for Life there and they’ll be able to hook you up with a pattern. Good luck!

  • Sharon Sementa

    My neighbor and I are desperate to find a loving home for a beautiful, friendly cat that has been living between our houses since this summer. He turned up as a young cat probably 6-7 months? We saw him on and off through the fall. We have been feeding him and trying to catch him so we could have him neutered. We finally were successful, but unfortunately we found out he has feline leukemia. Neither of us are able to bring him inside ( severe allergies in children). We cannot find anyone to take him. He really is friendly and quit lovable. Are you able to help, we will make a donation to anyone.

    • Sharon, is he still living outdoors? Can you continue to feed him for a while? Is he friendly? I can get a cat shelter to you so he can be sheltered and warm outdoors. Kitties with FIV are okay to live with other cats but adoptions or even fosters can be difficult so it can take a while. In the meantime, Animal Friends has an FIV List/Room at their shelter and may be able to take him, but I hear there is a long waiting list. They also have resources for caring for cats outdoors. Until we can find a place for him, send me photos and a description and we can start spreading the word.

  • Hi – I would like to send you a press release about my Mother’s Paw® Ring & Memory Paw® Ring. Thank you so much.

    Pamela Meltzer

    • Pam, feel free to send–I recognize you from Deb’s place! I don’t usually print press releases, though sometimes I write stories about people who make cat-themed things. Maybe we can do something some time. Send some photos too. I believe my email is somewhere on this page.

  • Hi Bernadette, I’m also trying to look for your email, but can’t find a way to contact you. I’d like to discuss about guest posting. Thank you!

  • Patricia Birch

    Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to contact you regarding use of one of your images in educational material for genetics patients (the black cats in the laundry). Could you please contact me?
    [email protected]

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