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Prose Inspired by My Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Longer pieces don’t get finished as quickly, especially the short story and the illustrated children’s book…but here are three essays that I wrote in direct response to things in my backyard wildlife habitat.

photo of cooper's hawk on brush pile
A Death in the Neighborhoood

There was a death in my neighborhood recently–right in my own backyard.

I glanced out the door to my backyard on a still, brilliant January morning, the open air sparkling with fine snow flurries glistening like tiny diamonds floating aimlessly in no hurry to reach the ground,…

photo of peas in soil
On Planting Peas

It is early March and I am planting peas. The wan spring sun is finding its heat and lays like a warm hand upon my back as I work. Signs of approaching spring fill my senses in the mild air on my skin, the scent of damp soil and the shrieks of children as they run in frenzied circles of freedom, much like the birds swooping and circling above whistling their mix of songs.

photo of two cats in the grassMy Cat Has Become a Serial Killer

Despite my lectures about not letting your cat hunt, mine don’t roam but Namir found a way to catch and kill little voles during our brief morning outings…

He prances across the yard with the little gray bit of fur in his mouth, ears cupped forward, eyes in slanted slits, tail straight up in satisfaction, despite the fact that he is fourteen years old with congestive heart failure and a compromising bladder condition—and he’s only been out in my backyard for about five minutes.  …

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