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Marketplace: Cut Paper and Stenciled Silhouette Cards and Notebooks

Cut paper on kraft "Mimi en Silhouette" card, 5 x 7
Cut paper on kraft “Mimi en Silhouette” card, 5 x 7

Last year I purchased a paper cutter to use for stencils and other designs. I wanted to be able to use my own art and designs with it and I discovered those are rare among paper cutters that use clip art. This cutter could not only use my art and designs but was also on sale for a great price, so I took a chance. I cut several “Bella” stencils for the bags so that I could stencil the bags more efficiently, and I played around with how detailed it could cut.

I had a little more to learn about details. Years ago I made interior signs from cut paper, but I did all the cutting by hand. For a while I made handmade cards involving a lot of cut paper and I’ve long wanted to get back to it and have been studying handmade cut paper cards wherever I see them. This cutter is very quick and efficient and I can easily open my sketches directly from Photoshop.

Back in January I had also started out with a set of blank kraft paper cards and matching envelopes just to practice and get accustomed to working with both stencils on paper and cut paper itself. “Mimi en Silhouette” was a natural to choose as a card design. I also found a bin of kraft items and picked up the two little notebooks. I decided a cut paper design might suffer from use on a notebook cover and decided to use a stencil. I also chose a few other silhouettes that would work well for both cut paper designs and stenciling. I do love black or black and white on kraft, and after this I am also looking forward to working with colors and patterns too.


“Mimi en Silhouette” cut paper on kraft greeting card

I named this design in French because it’s an homage to Theophile Steinlen‘s illustration style and I may work a little of his red and gold into it at some point. For now I really like the kraft paper blanks I purchased a long time ago because I knew someday I would use them. I intend to add more designs to this card selection too.

Mimi en Silhouette card detail.
Mimi en Silhouette card detail.

Purchase Mimi en Silhouette cut paper kraft greeting cards

Available singly or in half dozens.

“Mimi en Silhouette” notebook with pen

"Mimi en Silhouette" stenciled on notebook, 5 x 7
“Mimi en Silhouette” stenciled on notebook, 5 x 7

This notebook is another item I purchased knowing I’d use it someday—and there is only one! I decided I’d use a stencil on it, and because I wanted to try two-color stencils I used Mimi en Silhouette and made the highlights in the illustration white. I like the look of this, and though this is the only notebook I have I look forward to finding more blanks and working them out.

“Mimi en Silhouette” notebook with pen, only one available

This product is sold out!

“In Afternoon Sun” 4 x 4 notebook

"In Afternoon Sun" small square notebook.
“In Afternoon Sun” small square notebook.

Another one-of-a-kind this 4 x 4 notebook is another find that I knew I’d use someday. I made a stencil from just the figures of Mimi and Mewsette and included the highlights as I did with the other notebook. The whiskers weren’t quite thick enough, but as I’ve done on my signs, I may leave them off the stencil and add them in by hand.

“In Afternoon Sun” 4 x 4 notebook



Bella models the notebooks and cards, sort of, in my shop setup here.

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