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Daily Photo: Mariposa in a Painting

tabby and white cat reflected
Mariposa in a painting.

Looks like the same Mariposa we know and love, but there’s something different about her, and the scene…but I might be the only one to recognize it. It’s all backward! The blaze is on the wrong side of her nose, the window is on the wrong side of the house! And that yellow stuff—what’s with that?

I stood at the bottom of the steps photographing her way above me on the wardrobe at the top of the stairs, and then I noticed that the framed prints and paintings on the stairway wall were reflecting all that sunny beauty where she was. She is reflected in my painting “Summer Sunset, Robinson Run” and it looks like a double exposure, something antique, maybe. I like the effect. Mariposa just soaks it up when I go all ga-ga when something really beautiful happens with one of my cats, especially her.


From Instagram

Mariposa is wearing a new #earhairdo today. It might make her look more surprised. It doesn’t outdo her whiskers, though.

I was gone all day yesterday. Mr Sunshine and Giuseppe are making sure I don’t have a chance to do that again today.

Mewsette is moving around much more comfortably after her new medications and she’s eating much better too. We’re looking forward to some sunny days outside!

Mr Sunshine knows his favorite treats were in this box and wants to know just exactly where they’ve gone. Don’t tell him I put them away but he can continue having fun digging through the paper.


From the Back Yard and Beyond

Tiny Blue


From Portraits of Animals

What’s On My Easel? Saplings, Acrylic on Canvas


From around this date in past years

Reflections, 2022

black cat reflected in mirror
Hamlet looks as surprised as I do.

Hamlet has no idea how inspiring he is, especially in reflections. I think he’s also a little surprised to see me in that other world through the looking glass.

I captured him in a contemplative moment in front of the round mirror. It’s long been a favorite photo spot for me to capture any of my cats in interesting poses. I’ve often photographed Hamlet on the wardrobe and in front of the window, but not often as reflections in the mirror. Below, he relaxes into a very nice pose.

black cat reflected in mirror
Nicely posed.

And while this one is a little soft, and I liked it in black and white, and the light and reflections look a little moody.

black cat reflected in mirror
A little softer.

Other reflections…

Scroll down to photos from a few years ago to see a series of photos of reflections of Bella on the wardrobe in a mirror.

And see the bottom of this post for a set of greeting cards made from photos of black cats atop the wardrobe that I call “Victoriana Cats.”


From Instagram

Get a good nose full guys, this round of warm-weather expires tonight. Mariposa, Sienna and Basil.


From the garden and beyond

Nothing brightens up a rainy spring morning like a big old forsythia in full bloom. Even if it’s not native, me and the kitties and critters all find it pretty useful.



From around this date in past years

Under the Geranium Bush

black cat under plant
Have to back up, a bird came near!

Hamlet is purrfectly camouflaged stalking the birds while crouching under the geranium bush. Well, it’s a potted geranium and he’s behind glass and a window screen, but a little imagination can make it work. What exciting enrichment for kitties!


From Instagram

Mimi is happy for the return of her outdoor water bowl, otherwise known as the birdbath.

black cat on birdbath
Mimi in her big water bowl.

Because Mimi is such a star and again modeled the pose I envisioned, even though she felt she had better things to do. She is in silhouette but her entire other side is washed in sunlight. I like the full view as a still life too, with my scruffy little rosemary plant.


From the back yard and beyond

April fool!

No doves were harmed in the making of this video, but she does look a bit annoyed with the weather. All melted now, sun’s out, feeders are busy. Who knows what we’ll get tomorrow.

A drop of clarity.

black and white photo of raindrop
A Drop of Clarity

Last year at this time, when my DSLR needed repairs, I headed out on a spring morning with my 1983 Pentax K1000 fitted with its original 50mm lens and an adapter I’d always used for closely photographs of flowers, and a roll of black and white film. This was one photo from that roll.

It was my first walk in those woods for at least two years, since before my hip replacement kept me from walking the hills. It was a wonderful way to literally get back on my feet in a place that I had photographed so many times before, and to study it again, with a new hip, and a new outlook on things.

Next month I’ll share an online exhibit of the wildflowers I captured that morning in silvery black and white.

periwinkle flower
First Periwinkle

Monday was a great day to toss my Epson printer through the window. However, I would have had to have replaced the window, so I didn’t, but let the thought of it stand for my intention.

I was prepared with a slight amount of Zen by, earlier, finding the first periwinkle flower in the back yard. Maybe I’m impatient but I’ve been waiting for this color to appear. This first perfect little blue periwinkle blossom wasn’t open first thing, but by noon there it was. This is the first, but soon they will be winkling all over in my woodland garden.

A Saturated Morning

I can’t pass up a rainy morning and all the images of raindrops on things.


From around this date in past years

I Tried to Make the Bed, I Really Did, 2020

six cats on bed
Why I didn’t make the bed today.

I tried three times, finally gave up making the bed today. #stayathome and #selfisolate is our daily MO on any given day but I think they are getting instructions from somewhere that I might feel isolated and alone, so they appear wherever I am.

This crowd includes Basil, Sienna, Jelly Bean, Mewsette, Hamlet and Mariposa.

six cats on bed
Mariposa chooses her spot.

This is mostly the formerly feral cats. Guess they’ve learned a few things about indoor cat life and hosting an awesome indoor cat party.

six cats on bed
Mariposa and Jelly Bean want a little more attention.

From Instagram

The photos above are from Instagram too.

Hamlet has a sunbath.

black cat in sun
Hamlet enjoys a sunbath.

Hamlet’s performance continues.

black cat in sun
Now there’s a stretch!

Until a few months ago he would usually have considered his options of his trust in me while I stared at him with my camera and blocked the bathroom doorway, and decided to leap down and run past me so he wouldn’t be trapped in the bathroom.

black cat in sun
Big yawn!

Apparently he’s not concerned anymore. Nearly five years later. We’ve never stopped gentle, constant modification. Go, Hamlet!

black cat in sun
Big stretch!

Thanks to everyone who has checked to see if I need anything when they go out or stop over, and those who’ve sent work my way, and those who’ve made purchases and donated! Navigating this current reality is difficult enough and even moreso without a car, and vendor events cancelling into June. We can do this!

Welcome Kitty says “Thank You”!


Photos from around this date in previous years

Someone’s Been in My Back Yard, 2019

Mimi catches a certain smell.
Mimi catches a certain smell.

Eewww, I smell an unneutered male cat all over my scratching area.

Mimi’s expression of disgust is priceless. She is understandably not fond of unneutered male cats. The one who left the messages is new and looks kind of tattered, but doesn’t act feral, more frightened, a gorgeous swirly long-haired ginger boy. He’s on our list to be trapped and snipped. Photos soon.

Photos from years past.


Giuseppe’s Aria, 2018

Giuseppe singing for breakfast.

Giuseppe performs his famous aria, “Let’s Get Breakfast on the Table, Mama.”


I had other photos to share with you today, but we had a power outage mid-day that has knocked out my studio computer, where the Photoshop is. I can’t edit photos, so I’ll hold off on all the nice sunny photos I’ve been getting. More later! In the meantime, Giuseppe will keep you entertained, and we also have antics from previous years below.


Three Seriously Cute Housepanthers, 2017

Three seriously cute housepanthers
Three seriously cute housepanthers

These three really have to stop this sort of thing. I have work to do and I can’t be distracted by such serious cuteness. Mimi, Sunshine, Jelly Bean.

Mimi looks miffed, possibly because of the snow (see below), Mr. Sunshine looks like he’s making a face by sticking out his tongue (he and Bean had been giving Mimi a big bath), and Bean just looks like he’s there and he’s cute and nothing more is needed.

This was one of the more popular photos I’ve ever posted on Instagram and Facebook. Guess that means I ought to offer it as a print! I’ll see if the quality level is high enough because I took it with my phone. At the moment they did this I was downloading photos which you’ll also see below.

Purchase a print or card of today’s photo

This photo is available framed or unframed, on canvas or on paper on Portraits of Animals. You can purchase it below or find this photo in my gallery of Feline Photos.

[ss_product id=’2442de4c-0742-11e7-9535-002590787d08′ ]Feline Photo, Three Seriously Cute Housepanthers[/ss_product]

I’m trying to get more feline photos up on my website—certainly I have no lack of them, but that’s part of the problem, choosing them and taking the time to add them all. I have added a dozen and will endeavor to keep up with likely photos as they come around here on The Creative Cat.

From Facebook and Instagram

Earlier in the day Mimi went out on the deck with me, looked at the snow and silently stood there.


We didn’t have much snow, but the snow we got was absolutely beautiful, so after Mimi turned around and went back indoors I photographed the same forsythia I’d photographed the day before.

Then I got in my car and drove to the trail because I knew how incredibly gorgeous it would be as the clouds began to part and the sun shone on the tree-covered hills around the trail.

Dramatic Lighting
Dramatic Lighting

Click the photo or go to Exceptional Snow Day on the Trail to see a gallery of images from this glorious snowfall.



Vintage or Not, 2015

Bella, Vintage 3
Bella, Vintage 3

A vintage photo of Bella? But she’s not even a year old!

I’m not sure if I can promise this will be the last of these multiple posts with slideshows. The beauty of the sunlight, amplified by snow cover, simply overtook me and I couldn’t stop taking photos. Sometimes I caught some interesting effects.

These photos have a vintage feel, but obviously are not. The mirror I have on my bathroom door is vintage, well, it’s really just old. At one point it had been glued to either a frame or a wall, and the backing itself is in somewhat poor shape. I just wanted a mirror there to have a nearly full-length in the bathroom when I got dressed, and to make the room look larger, and I’ve never changed it. The door is a bi-fold, so depending on how the door folds it reflects different areas and different windows.

Bella, Vintage 2
Bella, Vintage 2

In this case, it’s folded far enough that I saw Bella’s reflection from outside the bathroom on top of the wardrobe, and all those nicks and dings and mis-reflections give the photos of Bella the feel and dulled color of a vintage photo. These are taken with my smartphone which I held against the mirror at an angle so that it would not be reflected but I would still be able to focus on Bella’s image. I intentionally caught the flaws in the mirror, which is also kind of cool, a little ghostly, and I moved the it up and down to capture different flawed areas for different effects.

Bella, Vintage 1
Bella, Vintage 1

I didn’t edit any of them at all. I liked these three of her, and of course, here is the slideshow of the others.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Problem With Kittens, 2015

Hey you, hey Mewsette.
Hey you, hey Mewsette.

…is that they have no idea how annoying they are. Or maybe they do. Mewsette is trying to enjoy the warm windowsill but Smokie sees it as an opportunity of a lifetime to wrestle with a family member he hasn’t wrestled with yet!

Hey Mewsette, let's wrestle.
Hey Mewsette, let’s wrestle.

Mewsette is cool about this and just tries to ignore him, but Smokie can’t keep his paws off her, he just has to keep touching her.

He makes the mistake of kind of smacking her on the face when she turns to look at him…

Hey Mewsette, hey!
Hey Mewsette, hey!

Well, he gets that face, quick! Paws off.

Oh. Oops.
Oh. Oops.

No, he still can’t resist!

Come on, Mewsette, we never wrestle!
Come on, Mewsette, we never wrestle!

Oops, Mewsette, I didn’t mean that.

I've never wrestled with a GIRL Mewsette!
I’ve never wrestled with a GIRL Mewsette!

It’s all I can do to keep my patience and not smack this kid!

Maybe girls play pretty rough.
Maybe girls play pretty rough.

In moments, Smokie is right back to it.

Hey Mewsette, hey Mewsette!
Hey Mewsette, hey Mewsette!

Epilogue, she did eventually grab him and toss him off the top of the wardrobe. Mewsette doesn’t fool around—she grew up with three brothers—those three brothers! The ones who Smokie thinks he can wrestle with. I don’t think he’s going to bother Mewsette for a while.

. . . . . . .

Posted on Facebook today…

Oh no, we're not too hungry...
Oh no, we’re not too hungry…

No, we’re not too hungry. It’s the original Five house panthers, counterclockwise from the top it’s Mewsette, Mimi, Jelly Bean, Mr. Sunshine and Giuseppe in the back.

. . . . . . .

Looks like March 9 must be a day for five cats in the kitchen!


Breakfast Eyes, 2013
five black cats waiting for meal
Beautifully Waiting for Breakfast; Mimi, Bean, Mewsette, Giuseppe, Sunshine.

I love the early morning light at breakfast these days, and I’ll be sad to lose it beginning tomorrow…I know the Five like it too. They are much more animated than when it’s still dark, and I think they like the sun in their kitchen.

“Really,” I told them, “if you weren’t all so beautiful and didn’t look at me with such bright and trusting eyes you’d probably eat breakfast earlier, possibly dinner too.”

Instead I made them wait for their breakfast so I could take a few photos…a bunch of photos, since it takes a few tries to get them all looking at me at once. Mimi, as you can see, was having none of it, sitting back on the corner of the table with her lemon-slice eyes in slits. Often she is right in the middle of all her much larger children, but sometimes the press of them is a bit much for her. She is special, she will have me know.

Here’s another shot of them so everyone who sees these mealtime photos of them doesn’t think they always line up. They have a marvelous sense of composition when you get any number of them together.

five black cats waiting for meal.
A little scrambled…Mimi, Giuseppe, Bean, Mewsette, Sunshine.

See other photos of them waiting for their meals.

Patiently Waiting for Dinner

Still Celebrating Black Cats


And also see another of the many photos I took this morning—it’s of the blue pitcher with the light shining through it, but there’s a cat in it too! They didn’t have to wait for their breakfast for me to take Morning Blue.

. . . . . . .

And from 2014 but in another room…


We’re All Ready
five black cats waiting to play
When Does the Show Start?

I can tell I’ve had a busy week when they practically, very nearly, almost beg for a play session. Sitting at my desk I felt I was being watched. I turned around and saw this.

We haven’t had too much time for play this week as I got ready for my poetry reading and my car, which had needed some serious body work, became rather undrivable. But kitties have their needs regardless what’s happening in the world, and they know how to send me on a guilt trip. Everything is a little askew, but a game of stairway ball in the afternoon can surely be fun. And it’s also great fun to watch the human wave feather toys around as if she’s waving signal flags. Or so it seems.

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