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five black cats eating
Breakfast on the big day! Sunshine, Bean, Mewsette, Giuseppe and Mimi.

Finally, the big day is here—the birthday! The Fantastic Four are five years old today! Of course, they have no concept of this and it’s totally unimportant since the world did not exist before they were here. And they certainly don’t mind the special breakfast and treats and the all-day catnip party, but the party hats were more fun to chew on and play with than to wear.

four black cats
Party cats!

Thanks to BlogPaws I received my package of Halo Spot’s Stew cat food just in time; I was a runner-up in the Nose-to-Nose blog contest and this was one of the rewards. With much fanfare, breakfast was served!

The party hats were too big for their little heads, and the elastic to hold them on too enticing, so I pulled the elastic off and just used the hats as a prop.

However, I had found party beads in their magic colors! Giuseppe got to wear green, Mewsette to wear red, Mr. Sunshine wore yellow and Bean wore blue. Well, at least for a few minutes. Then we just used them as props too! But they spent the day playing with their hats and beads and rolling around in the catnip.

black cat with party hat
Princess Mimi

And of course, none of the celebration would have been possible without their little honeymom, Mimi! Her homecoming day is July 29, the day they all came here, but we always celebrate her on the big birthday as well—because moms should always be celebrated on their childrens’ birthdays. Beginning yesterday she was musing again, looking out the window at the street, “…five years ago at this time I was just about to give birth…” and spent most of her day with me, on my lap, on my desk, following me, talking to me, loving on me, thanking me for rescuing her babies, and also for rescuing her, for spaying her, and for giving her the loving home she’d always dreamed of. She’s my little girl, that Mimi. I love her more each day, and thank her for being part of my life, and she knows it.

And late last night, Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite sent a loving message to Giuseppe in honor of his birthday:

black cat with party hats
Giuseppe thinks of Mlle.


My dearest, my most beloved, my Giuseppe,

Tomorrow will be your birthday.  Oh, such a wonderful beautiful day, the day when your Mama Mimi brought you and Mewsette, Jelly Bean and Mr. Sunshine into this magical world. Please, my most beloved Giuseppe Basil, give your Mama Mimi and your sister and brothers my congratulations. 

But for you, my dear one, I am filled with love and joy and tonight, as I rest in the red brocade bed in the window, watching and waiting for the rain to come, my feline head is filled with thoughts of you and your birthday. My feline heart, as always, overflows with love for my Giuseppe.

 Your Mlle Daisy Emerald Marguerite.

 Purrrrrrrrrrrs, xxoo.


two black cats with party hats
Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine.

So while they had their fun, and I took waaayyyy too many photos of them (the brightly colored beads and hats really got to me), I thought about these past five years since they’ve joined my household…

I remember how frightened I was when Mimi and the fragile little fuzzballs joined me, not because they were nearly newborn and Mimi was then a stranger—that situation was hardly new to me—but because I’d lost their half-sister just two weeks before, at 15 months, to FIP, and Lucy told me to save her mom. I’d taken them in to my home in order to get Mimi off the street and spayed, and to remove a possibly fatal bloodline from being passed on to future generations. We don’t really know much about FIP except that it is nearly always fatal, especially the effusive form which Lucy had.

cats with party hats
Resting after the big event.

I also took them in because I needed to heal from a lot of loss. Lucy’s loss had been a shock, but in the year previous to that I’d lost my four oldest cats, three of whom I’d known longer than any other living being animal or human, and I looked at the four cats I had left, all in their teens, and my house reduced from nine to four in just over a year, and I knew that if I didn’t immerse myself in a new household I would linger in the sadness for far too long.

And while I inspected the kittens and their mom several times a day for signs of fatal illnesses, marked their ears with colors so I could tell them apart should one of them become ill in some way, tortured my veterinarian with questions and kept waiting for the bad news to come, they simply ignored me and grew up. By the time the were five or six weeks old I had pretty much forgotten to be frightened and several times daily picked up several or all four in one big double-handful and kissed them all repeatedly. And while I knew that Lucy had had no signs of FIP until I had her spayed, I intuitively felt they were fine.

Two black cats
Giuseppe and Mewsette look over their loot.

I knew I’d keep them for their first year in order to continue observing them for signs of FIP, and to get them spayed and neutered and monitor them afterward. I would never want anyone to lose a new kitten in the unexpected and painful way I’d lost Lucy, so they’d stay with me past the danger zone.

Of course, with their birthday in July, they came up for adoption in the middle of kitten season and I didn’t have much hope of finding a home for them in mid-summer. Then it was nearing Halloween and five black cats up for adoption right before that holiday was not entirely wise except to the best household. And black cats are difficult to adopt out, statistics show that all the time. So by November, when they were 16 months old, they were still here.

And they became a perfect subject for art and photography.

black cats with party hats
Mewsette has had a bit too much ‘nip.

And the rest is history. You see it every day.

So congratulations on five years, my Precious Puddies, my Fantastic Four, my Curious Quartet, Sunshine, Bean, Mousse and The Guy, and most of all your honeymom Princess Mimi, I could never hope to give you a gift that in any way equals what you’ve given me, and continue to give, every day.

black cat with party hats
Mewsette resting.


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  • Jazz Cat Jay

    Happy, happy, happy belated birthday to all of you, gorgeous kitties and mama kitty too

    • Thanks, Jazz Cat! We had a great time, but then, we have a great time every day but this time we had party hats and beads.

  • Happy Birthday to one and all! My birthday is also in July … it’s a great month for a birthday!

    It appears to have been a WONDERFUL party for Mom and adult children … and their loving human 🙂

    • Pam, apparently so! Cookie’s birthday was July too, so I’ve spent an inordinate time living with Leos! And a good time was definitely had by all.

  • Happy birthday! I for one and very happy that you did not get the crew adopted out, as we all benefit from your wonderful photos and drawings and paintings of the black puddle of kitty cats.

    • Cynthia, interesting to think of what my house might look like right now otherwise, but one of the things I’m thankful for is all the people who’ve they’ve introduced me to, like you.

  • I’m late to the party!! Happy Birthday to the fantastic four and Mimi. I love that first photo 🙂 I loved the story too xx

    • Carolyn, you’re never too late! I had internet connection problems yesterday that prevented me from posting until evening, but the party continues.

  • What wonderful pictures – I feel like I was there! Happy, happy birthday to the Fantastic Four!

    • Chris, we had a lot of fun, and then everyone had an all-day nap. Couldn’t be better!

  • Happy b-day, Fantastic Four and Supermom Mimi. This is the way all cat stories should end — beads, party hats, catnip, and a good human willing to work for pictures. Mimi, you brought your children to the right house!

    • “…willing to work for pictures.” I guess that’s the way it is, Tammy! And I’m so glad for it!

  • Happy belated birthday to the Fantastic Four! Looks like it was quite a party!

    • Ingrid, thanks–and right as I was about to post this yesterday morning, I lost my internet connection but the most important thing about getting it back wasn’t work, it was getting the birthday news out!

  • What a fun looking party you all had! I love the pictures, especially Musette sliding over the edge after indulging in ‘nip and all four looking up at you- Guiseppe with the look of cat love, the half closed eyes. I’m sure Mim is a grateful mom today too. What lucky kitties they all are!

    • Susan, yes, Giuseppe thinks he owns me and Mewsette is quite silly, though we see the boys much more often. But Mimi is truly the star of the show!

  • Paulette Smith

    Happy Birthday to the Fantastic Four and their sweet Mama Mimi! We would love to meet them someday, as we feel like we already know them. Don and I both enjoy reading about their exploits. Love the way you write, too–It is obvious you adore them, as is their due!

    • Texas, thanks, and five years on a real family of cats is still a unique experience for me.

  • Happy birthday the Fantastic Four and to mama Mimi! Best wishes for many, many more years of togetherness! xo

    • Vicki, thanks so much! I’m looking forward to perfecting my black cat photography technique as the years pass!


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