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Meet the Bosses of the Five Little Kittens

These girls are bosses.

These two girls are clearly the bosses of this little rogue kitten operation. Here’s what they looked like as I walked in to look at them.

All ears, and some eyes.

The gray kitten has been the most outgoing from the beginning and is becoming quite friendly, while the black kitten is the tiny little bean who only weighed a pound! But they are the first to do everything, always make eye contact, and be handled. All the others are following their lead, learned to love their squeeze-ups through the bars of the crate, then quickly licked it off our fingers, and started to take treats from our fingers and then accept petting. I am instructing the fosters, from the grands who are actually fostering to their daughters and grandchildren, to handle the kittens inside the crate until they are all comfortable with handling, and only then can we let them out. But do all you can while they are in there.

The bosses at play. The kitten on top of the scratcher is the gray girl though she looks black, and the little bean is at the bottom.

Gray girl again, though this is the other one, much easier to tell when you’re in the room. Both of them are innovative! I never realized this was the actual purpose for the other side of the dish!

Normally that dish has dry food in both sides and the kitty dish near it has water in both sides, but they run over and have a bite while they play and the near side of the food dish gets emptied first.

More ears, this time the big fluffy boy was looking out. He’s been significantly more brave and interactive since the squeeze-ups.

What they looked like before I got up close.

And here he is with two of his sisters lounging around.

I tend to stop over at night so I don’t get as many good photos as I’d like to. Once the work is finished here I’ll be getting over there to help introduce them to the room when they are ready and work on getting great adoption photos.

The gang, but someone looked away.

With the reconstruction I’ve been all week trying to get to this post. I visited them on July 3, but have spent all my time since then getting ready for the work, but I’m keeping in touch with their fosters. I had taken several brief videos of their foster feeding them with squeeze-ups and then changing to food on the finger, and they were all into it. I was able to do the same but couldn’t get a video of me, but I did cut together the videos I had. A link is at the bottom.

Here’s that video!

Their foster is giving them squeeze-ups through the bars of the crate, then at the end changes over to using his finger. I did the same, with great success, and the kittens are much more comfortable with us after a few days of this.

You can find all the articles about these kittens by searching “five little kittens”.

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