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Daily Photo: Renovations Update

Tent full of stuff, and morem preparing for renovations.

I had to clear all the things out of my basement for the upcoming renovations in my home, and here is the partial result. The tent is 10 ft by 10 ft and the bottom of the canopy is 8 ft. And even at that I didn’t have enough room for everything. I started Tuesday night during fireworks, then continued all day Wednesday until after dark.

Mimi supervised me through the first part of the operation when I began putting things under the tent…

Mimi supurrvises to make sure things are neat and well-packed.

…and then collecting another big pile of things in the basement by the door…

Mimi watches me move and pile stuff to go out the door.

…and then fitting that together outside. After that she took a very long nap.

Mimi checks to see if I could have used this space better.

The water you see in the back corner is a constant flow of groundwater seeping into the wall and flowing across the floor. This is in the corner where I’d set up my basement studio.

Water, water everywhere.

All the cats are locked out of the basement while this work is happening, so now they have litter boxes on the first floor; they’ve always had one or more on the second floor. But I wasn’t concerned that they’d be confused because they’re good kitties. They were on those litter boxes right away and even though I see one or two of them still head for the basement door which is locked shut and blocked until everything is done they still go right to their litter boxes where they are now, and they’re not showing any signs of stress or fear, an achievement for kitties like Mariposa and Hamlet.

Good kitties using the litterboxes upstairs.

The workers came Thursday to prep the basement and Friday the work started. This morning (Friday), jackhammering in the basement in preparation for the interior French drain. Not bad, just a few seconds at a time. Basement interior is 14’x20′, going around the base of each wall.

I was handing out treats laced with Rescue Remedy to all. Mimi, Giuseppe, Mr. Sunshine, Jelly Bean and Basil in the kitchen being calm.

Friday morning jackhammering.

Sienna is upstairs on the bed, Hamlet sitting next to it, and Bella and Mariposa are just ears among the bins under the bed. Mr. Max is nonplussed, but Morty is looking suspiciously at the furnace vent. The workers showed up at 8:00 am, which is fine but usually they start at 9:00, and I hadn’t fed breakfast yet. They took a break at about 11 so I called each cat into the kitchen and gave each a can of Fancy Feast, all different flavors. They were pretty happy about that. Except that Mr. Sunshine is not eating well; he had a slight fever, I gave him fluids and meds this morning but I may have to take a step farther. I don’t think this work bothers him, I think it may be the Convenia shot is at 10 days and whatever infection he had might be able to get past the fading Convenia.

Notwithstanding, this inconvenience is not bad for a forever solution to a problem I’ve spent probably thousands over the years in waterproofing materials and did the work myself, every three to four years, $300 to $500 each time, not to mention loss of damaged items. No more wet paws or feet, and I can get back to work down there. Next is a couple days of concrete work then it sets and cures.

Finding quite a few cat guys among the workers so far.

Can’t wait to get back to work in my basement studio, and enjoy the areas that were damaged by the hole in my roof and other water damage. Me and the kitties will let you know how it’s going.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Renovations Update

  • Hi b! It’ll be such a relief to have a dry basement!! Two things – please share how to make Rescue Remedy spiked treats! And with all your moving and reorganizing, keep your eyes peeled for Stanley with Apples.

    • You bet I’m still looking for Stanley with Apple! I’m actually moving my big worktable that’s been in place there since I set up the studio in 2011. It’s heading for the basement, but I’ll be working out the rest of the room then.

      Not just the dry basement, but the dry everywhere. I have a hole in the roof over the bathroom and have a big hole in the bathroom ceiling and a small hole in the floor below it. The back wall is water damaged, and all around the edges of the house where the roof chipped off and the gutters pulled away I have water damage inside and out. Not a moment too soon with all the bizarre downpours we have now.

      For the treats, I use freeze-dried meat like salmon or turkey that’s cut into smaller pieces or I break it into pieces, arrange then in my hand then drop a couple drops of RR on each one. That way you can even set them down for a scaredy cat too. Give each cat two or three and you’ll be their best friend forever.


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