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From the Archives: Brother and Sister, 2008

two black cats
Yes? Brother and sister want to know.

Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine share a prize spot on the bed—between the two pillows, the most comfortable cuddling spot in the entire household, and they are making the most of it. Often when I’d come to photograph them and start moving around to get them from several angles one or both of them would get up and expect some pets and love, but not this time. They kept their places and were happy to pose.

Hi, sweet kitties! What I probably said that day, March 20, 2008. Not even when I reached out to pet them did they consider moving. They look pretty relaxed, brother and sister just hanging out. They were seven months old.

two black cats
We’re not moving.

I’d had my DSLR since the previous October and had been practicing on them to find out the range and best settings for photographing black on black subjects, and here it was, the two of them against the dark mahogany headboard, helped by a lot of window light and the white bedspread. It looks like Mewsette might be hauling off to smack her brother, but she was actually washing her face and looks a little indignant at the need to stop just for a photo.


two black cats
Caught in mid bath.

These two were always best friends, so there was no surprise that in the times Mewsette didn’t feel well in the past year she cuddled with her brother and he obliged with open paws. He spent a lot of time with his brothers and she on her own in her high-up napping spots, but they had a very special bond.

The two of them were always getting themselves into heart-shaped naps and some seemingly impossible positions…until you looked close and saw that wasn’t really a cat with two bodies and one head. The photos below are from April the same year and remind me of the heart-shaped naps they took that I did use as art. Mewsette always managed to get her face in front of his. Mr. Sunshine may be a little surprised.

two black cats
Mewsette always got herself in the front.

Then a girl’s got to clean up her brother sometimes as Mewsette quickly takes a big lick of Mr. Sunshine, much to my consternation since I know I had a great, clear shot set up.

two black cats
Then a quick clean up for brother.

Mr. Sunshine finally gave up and just tucked his face into her back. Mewsette looks quite pleased with her work.

two black cats
Two bodies but one head?


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