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Daily Photo: The Lonely Cat Tree

black cats in boxes
Look at that nice cat tree over in the corner.

This is what my “office” looks like when I’m preparing for shows and festivals. Not what I like spending my time in for most of the summer, but infinitely better than packing and unpacking things nearly every weekend and sometimes in between.

And look at that nice, gently-used cat tree over in the corner, so lonely all by itself while cats sleep in boxes. I really did want to give them something that belonged to them so they could enjoy it, but I had the feeling this would happen. They like my things too. And they like variety, and my pile of stuff changes frequently. Truthfully, they probably know where things are better than I do! And they do use the cat tree, now and then. I’m just not sure it’s big enough to work for them.

Below, one box lid, capacity three cats, especially if the littlest one doesn’t mind hanging off the corner.

black cats in boxes
Boxes are apparently better.

But Jelly Bean finds a great use for the cat tree—watch as he dominates the household from his position of power and his clever strategies! Sorry it’s a little long, but Bean would not be rushed in his mission. He’s also featured below along with the tortie girls and, virtually, all the rest of the household. Click here to watch on YouTube.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I share on this date (plus a few I’ve missed)?

. . . . . . .

Tortie Sez, “Game Over.” 2011
tortoiseshell cat on keyboard
Tortie Sez

This is the tortie version of, “Get over it, mom. It doesn’t make sense to get mad at the computer because it doesn’t care what you think. We do. Just pet one of us and everything will be okay.” Last year I had a big pile of work that wasn’t getting done, but Cookie put it in perspective for me. This year my computer, some parts of which are nine years old, is past retirement age and showing it.

Cookie tires of me paying so much attention to my keyboard. She tried various other methods of making me stop—sitting in front of it and looking cute and purring, sitting on the keyboard, walking on it, shoving my papers around, all of which did distract me for a short time.

The Tortie Paw method did indeed work, as you will notice she is not merely draping her paw lazily over the keyboard, but is gripping it at the bottom, ensuring that I can’t use it until she’s ready to let go.

It did distract me at least long enough for me to get my camera and take a picture. She’s not too fond of the camera, either.

. . . . . . .

Kelly’s Little Playground, 2012
tortoiseshell cat looking out window
Kelly’s Little Playground

How I love to watch Kelly in this sunny little spot. She owns it every day when the sun finally comes around the house and dapples the wooden tabletop. She can nibble on her grass, play with her big gum band or a catnip toy or something else I might toss up here, spend time looking out the window and watch the birds and squirrels and chipmunks, and of course have her luxurious baths as we’ve seen in sketches and photos.

I love those long legs of hers too.

. . . . . . .

Your Black Cat Centerfold, 2013
black cat with white spot
Oh, how can you resist?

You were expecting the amorous Giuseppe Basil Verdi, perhaps? Or the mancatly Mr. Sunshine?

No, it’s the Bean. Jelly Bean Cheesecake. With a come-hither look. And a little white thong. Or maybe it’s a Speedo. You know him as cute and silly, and he’s often overshadowed by his somewhat overhearing brothers, but there’s a part of him that’s just beyond cute.

black cat with white spot
Let me put a little cuteness in my act and curl my toes.

. . . . . . .

Blue Pitcher With Cat, 2013
blue pitcher on table
Blue Pitcher

Don’t be silly, Mama Bernadette. Who would be interested in a photo of a dumb blue pitcher?

I think this is much better.

blue pitcher with cat
Blue Pitcher With Cat

I have to say, I do like it, Mr. Sunshine, subtle, almost abstract. I have some talented cats here.

I also had way more photos of the blue pitcher with black cats in them than without.

This was the final photo I chose, without cats—just for jollies, even though no one would really want to see a photo of a dumb blue pitcher without any cats in it. I had my DSLR in my right hand and my left arm around Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe and Mewsette on the cabinet, holding them against me as they struggled, and waving my right foot at Mimi and Bean on the floor to decoy them from jumping up. So I was standing on my left foot and doing the hokey pokey, and I don’t know why the photo is as clear as it is, or how I got the angle I wanted showing a bit of the table above it…

blue pitcher

And don’t forget, you too can have talented photo assistants and feline art directors in your home—and I can vouch for the creativity of black cats. During Adopt-a-Cat Month, you can easily find your next interior decorator or social critic!


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5 thoughts on “Daily Photo: The Lonely Cat Tree

  • bluemoonalone

    Of course boxes are better than a cat tree Mama B..they are better than anything..Cookie was a pretty smart cookie wasn’t she..and Kelly knew a good thing when she saw it..What is cuter than a little black Jelly Bean with a white bikini bottom..not much that I can think of..I absolutely love Mr Sunshine with the blue pitcher..I can just see you holding back all those kitties to get that lovely photo..I would have loved to have been there to see

  • Your little ones are always intertwined somehow. The visual of you trying to hold kittens and use 1 foot also is just plain hilarious.

  • Oh, that poor lonely cat tree. However, it does make for some nice wall art!

    • Chris, I want to put some art back on the walls there! They do use it now and then, and they like to wrestle, so nothing on the walls will do!


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