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Daily Photo: Recent Transports

calico cat in carrier
Carly in her carrier in the back of my car.

When I went to meet the kittens Cookie and Jelly Bean, I also helped to transport Carly, the really fun and playful and outgoing three-legged dilute calico from the clinic last Sunday on a leg of her journey from the clinic in Tarentum to her potential adoptive home. Debbie, the foster who was caring for Cookie and Jelly Bean as well as Maggie May and several others picked her up at the clinic, and I picked her up from Debbie’s house to take her to mine. Then Margo, who had actually found Carly’s new home, picked her up from here and took her to her new home.

This was especially exciting because Carly is a kitty with very special needs and not likely to be adopted by just anyone. She had had a hind leg removed after an injury and she’s also FeLV+ and needs a home with no other kitties or only kitties with FeLV. This person had lost his kitty past the age of 20 recently, but finally felt ready to adopt again. The next day we heard Carly was running and playing and feeling at home. Who wouldn’t want to help with a match up like that?

Yes, one eye is larger than the other. Carly had been hit by a car, which is how she lost the leg, and that may have also caused this anomaly though no neurological reasons were found.

An update on Carly: she is apparently the star of her new home!

. . . . . . .

So much happened over the weekend, along with technical glitches uploading and downloading photos to Dropbox and my computer’s recent dip into dementia that I kept forgetting to post my recent transported kitties and tell you about them! Often people not involved in rescue don’t realize it’s not all about fostering cats—or other pets for that matter, but I’ll stick to cats here since that’s the species I’m working with pretty regularly.

Transportation is a constant need in rescuing cats, and often it’s a tag team of people who have the time and means to get one cat from here to there where another person can pick up the cat and move it a little farther. A cat may be taken in to a shelter in one part of town and need to be taken back to its owner, a foster home, or an outdoor colony if that is where it belongs. A mother cat with kittens may be found and trapped by one person, picked up by another and transported by two other people until the little family gets to its final destination. Kittens and cats come and go to and from offsite cat adoption opportunities such as PetSmart or Petco or other stores who have space for kitties to show off for the public, or leave those places if they don’t respond well to the environment. Another kitty needs to go from her current foster home or place to her prospective forever home.

I’m holding off fostering any cats for the moment since it feels my house is full, not so much of cats but of the stuff of my business, paperwork, greeting cards, calendars, artwork, and bringing in another cat can make the house feel very small very quickly. But like last summer there may be a critical need that I can fulfill as I did with Lakota and Emeraude. Without a house full of cats as I had always had I have a little more freedom to move around, and some days I can pick up and go.

June is Adopt-a-Cat Month, so even if we can’t adopt another kitty, we can help others adopt, and we can help all kitties have better lives in many small ways.

. . . . . . .

two cats in carriers in car
Transports back to their colonies.

These two cats were spayed and neutered through the TNR program at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and needed to be picked up on Sunday. They needed a place to stay overnight, which I didn’t have, but I’m about the closest to WPHS, and I was out at a pet event on Sunday afternoon so I stopped in when that was over. I settled them on my front porch until another rescuer who had agreed to hold them over night came to pick them up. The one on the left, the girl, is very pretty, but really not socialized. The one on the right, the male was mewing piteously and frightened, and was likely, recently, someone’s pet. One could be returned to a colony, the other could not. We’ll see where they end up.

cat looking out door
Jelly Bean and Giuseppe keeping an eye on our visitors.

An update on the two kitties returned: I believe the tabby was returned to her colony, but the orange tabby turned out to be friendly, and unwell. He was drooling when I picked him up and continued, though that’s not unusual sometimes after surgery. The woman holding them overnight—first she fell in love with both—then noticed Martin was having trouble swallowing, and was very thin. Off he went to the clinic in Tarentum where it was discovered he was also dehydrated and has a mass in his throat. Poor guy, living outdoors like that. We will know more after the clinic on Saturday. Hoping for the best.

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