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Daily Photo: Kittens Cookie and Jelly Bean

black kitten and tortoiseshell kitten
Jelly Bean and Cookie playing together.

I had a chance to visit the little namesakes on Saturday (this was to be the daily photo for yesterday, but technical difficulties got in the way), and they are doing well despite their rough beginnings! Both are playful and very friendly, very active and curious. These kittens are Cookie and Jelly Bean, named for my kitties, who I featured in last week’s rescue story.

black kitten with toy
Jelly Bean killing a toy.

Little Jelly Bean is growing like a weed and each day can get himself herself—I can’t stop calling her him!—onto something new nearly every day. She was moving too much for me to get a clear photo of her face or her infamous white spots–just the same as my Jelly Bean, she has a white spot on her throat and a big triangle on her belly, and even a few white hairs in her armpits. She fearlessly greeted my toes when I walked into the room and at one point ran around behind me and reached up my back to pull on my hair. Too cute!

tortoiseshell kitten
Cookie on Debbie’s lap.

Little Cookie is really improving. She is still thin and a little less active than her sister, but she’s gained some weight and finally has a round kitten belly; she was so thin and somewhat weak at first her prognosis was about 50/50 according to the veterinarian who examined her. But now she plays as hard as she can. She is very affectionate with people thanks to the rescuer who discovered this litter of kittens and asked for help, and who cuddled and fed her as often as she could. Cookie sat on her foster’s lap and repeatedly climbed onto mine as I sat on the floor, investigated my toes and ran all around me with her sister. She has so much fur around her head that it makes her body look out of proportion, but it’s possible her fur simply hasn’t filled out on her torso. Her tail is noticeably shorter than her sister’s and really does look short in comparison to the rest of her, and it doesn’t have the typical furry point at the end as kitten tails typically do, though the bony tip of it has a normal shape. Her eye is not improving and it’s likely she will need to have it removed, but she will be just as much of a doll even without it. Tortie cats are tough, just like my Cookie was I’m sure she’ll recover and do well.

tortoiseshell kitten
Cookie gets ready to pounce, and you can see how short her tail is.

Below is a little bit of a video of the two of them playing so you can see them in action—don’t mind the silly conversation between me and Debbie as we watch them!

I also got to meet a sweet mom cat who is a total princess, Maggie May, a stunningly beautiful dilute calico with turquoise eyes who was rescued with her six kittens from a hot garage a few weeks ago. She and her and her kittens will soon be looking for homes. I also met a certain rescued man cat named Nomad!

dilute calico cat
Maggie May, mom cat for now.

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