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Daily Photo: A Little Flour Among Friends

black cat with flour on face
Sunshine guards the cookbook.

Some of my cats “get into” baking just as much as I do and a few ended up with flour on the face in our Saturday morning baking session. I always let my cats explore my work space as I set up, but well before I put out anything they shouldn’t get into. They had walked all over the cabinet and table when I put out the cookbook and mixing bowl right after their breakfast so I could get the yeast-risen dough started early before anything else. Though they went off to do cat things, though they never go far. But imagine my surprise when they all reappeared to get a nose full of . . . flour?

Mr. Sunshine gets his nose into everything, literally, even when I was only transferring the new flour into the old tin, before I began mixing my dough.

black cat with flour on face
Sunshine looking a little displeased.

He got it on his forehead and whiskers by suddenly getting up and stuffing his whole head into the bag before I could stop him—I made the mistake of stepping back to take a photo of four of them watching me.

four black cats
Four of them supervise my work in the kitchen.

He even managed to get some on his tail, not sure how! But he made certain to wave it all over the kitchen.

Sunshine even had some on his tail.
Sunshine even had some on his tail.

They were so interested in it, more than just curiosity about what I was doing, the usual reason. I decided to leave the container open and see what Bean would do, just sniff it or try to consume it—and he actually did try to eat a little to my surprise! Flour? What could they like about flour?

black cat with flour
Even Jelly Bean has to taste the flour.

Below, Mewsette wears her flour proudly. She sniffed a little of what I spilled on the counter up her nose and sneezed to get it all over her face. It’s one more thing to keep permanently away from them.

black at with flour on face
Mewsette gave the flour a try.

After a while they were done and I could proceed with my baking project! Below, a little miffed I didn’t let them participate, but waiting for the baked goods to come out of the oven Mr. Sunshine and Giuseppe decide to occupy my cookbook as I give the kitchen its Saturday morning cleaning and prepare for other cooking. Surely if they cover up the cookbook I’ll have to pay them some attention!

Two black cats on cookbook.
Two black cats on cookbook.

I was finally successful in making a few things on Saturday, pictured below are two: sweet rolls with maple glaze (I like a little sweet roll with my maple glaze) and salsa verde, among a few other things for dinner later and for the freezer to stock up.

black cat with people food
Mewsette passes on the salsa verde and goes right for the maple-glazed sweet rolls.

It’s still cool enough to bake in the morning and simmer down vegetable stocks and gently cook some beans for a dish later in the day or the weekend. The Saturday morning kitchen is one of those long-standing traditions I indulge in as often as possible, like this morning from 2011 when we all made an apple crisp, and a good part of what inspired “In the Kitchen With Cookie”.

four black cats and tortoiseshell cat in kitchen
Five cats just hanging around.

We make a lot of memories on those Saturday mornings too.

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  • guys….we hope mom B cooked ewe a pie ore 93….pizza pie, donut pie, trout pie, salmon pie, pie pie !!♥

    • Tabbies, they got to eat a lot of fun things, like flour…but I’ll come up with some kind of a pie for them!


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