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Daily Sketch: Kelly With Grapes and Apple

ink and watercolor sketch of cat with still life
Kelly With Grapes and Apples, ink marker and watercolor pencil © B.E. Kazmarski

When the sun moves around to filter into this window, Kelly hops over to enjoy it and have a nice bath on the cabinet. In a rare moment of repose, she sits still and lets the sun warm her back, the light reflecting back from the pine wood cabinet warming the tones of her tortoiseshell fur.

This is not an easy image to paint as a quick sketch, and certainly I would never have considered it as such if I hadn’t watched Kelly at this activity nearly every day since late March. I have enough of the colors and shapes and details memorized just from frequently looking at it and photographing it, so actually doing a quick sketch wasn’t as difficult as it might have been.

I let Kelly bathe and find a comfortable spot, sketched her torso and tail and paws, then watched her as she moved her head to a position that worked well and quickly sketched the outline of her face and ears; I had wanted more sun on her face, but that was not to be.

While I waited for Kelly’s tail and face to find a moment of stillness for at least ten seconds, I began on the objects in the background, the mid-century brass and tempered glass raised fruit dish with its olive green glow cast on the table, the apple and green grapes which I’d kept replenishing to continue photographing and hoping to get time to sketch or paint, and the simple shapes of the curtains and shadows on the tabletop.

As usual, there are areas I am not happy with and would render differently, but visualizing, then actually diving into the subject and rendering it is the only process for finding out what does and doesn’t work.

See also Mimi’s Sunbath and Kelly on the Windowsill for other examples of this style.

I am catching up with scanning images from the weekend when my scanner was in a bad mood…


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