Daily Photo: Easy Sunday For Bella

black cat in bed
Bella has the bed to herself.

Bella has the bed all to herself, something that has never happened before! She won’t pass up an opportunity for a comfy nap, even to come downstairs and watch birds.

What other photos did I feature on this date?


What Is Sunshine Thinking?, 2013
black cat wiht tape on head
What is Mr. Sunshine thinking?

What do you think Mr. Sunshine is thinking? Don’t know if Mr. Sunshine is enjoying his little wax paper crown, or if he thinks it’s a halo, or if he’s plotting his revenge. What do you think? I think it may be something I wouldn’t post for sensitive ears.

But this is the price they pay for fame!

And I love my studio cats. I’ve had a number of long nights lately and these will continue through the holiday season. I am so glad I have my studio cats who keep me company and keep me entertained when I need it. And for Mr. Sunshine’s understanding about the wax paper tape backing on his forehead. At least he didn’t get it as badly as Jelly Bean.

. . . . . . .

Squirrel Play, 2012
squirrel at window
Buddy calls for the boys to come and play.

Buddy the squirrel, finding a feeder he couldn’t eat from, hopped onto the windowsill, flapping his tail, and called for the boys.

Giuseppe to the rescue! Things happened fast. I don’t think that’s what Buddy had in mind.

cat at window with squirrel
“You called, Buddy?”

Mr. Sunshine joins them and they boys try to sweet talk the squirrel into coming back to the windowsill.

Glad for a stout window screen.

two cats at window with squirrel
We just want to play!

. . . . . . .

From the Archives: Geometry, 2005
cat under table in shadows
Under the Table

I had waited for that wonderful warm spot of autumn sun that streaked under the round white table with a wonderful glow, and got myself all comfortable for a nice, quiet meditative time to empty my feline mind and let the sun wash over me as evening drew near. The perfect way to prepare for a meal as dinner would then be served.

Then that idiot human with her black eye thing discovered me and bibbled and fussed and laid down on the floor at all sorts of unhuman angles (really, human, you are no cat, stop trying to act like one) and all idea of peaceful feline contemplation was gone.

Don’t believe Namir. He loved to be photographed. And he enjoyed this little session, even finding it difficult to keep from feline giggles while I made a fool of myself on the floor.

Each one of the photos worked nicely as Namir was a perfect model. I shot them all in color but changed a few to black and white because that had been my intent in the first place, all that contrast and distinct shapes and patterning work so well in black and white.

But, as below, I also enjoyed the warm yellow sunlight contrasting with the cool blue shadows…and Namir’s tourmaline eyes.

cat under table

. . . . . . .

I Felt a Presence, 2012
four black cats in a row
A presence behind me…

Happily working away in the kitchen it’s not unusual to have one or more of the cats in there with me, but it was oddly quiet. I turned around to see them lined up…not sure what they were up to. Really, just waiting for dinner, after all at any moment I could turn around and announce that dinner was ready and they’d the right there. On the other hand, if I tried to slip away, they’d be right on me. The only one missing is Mewsette, who was inspecting the basement.

After all, it’s getting to be that season.

. . . . . . .

Cookie’s Blessing, 2011
black cat and tortoiseshell cat
Mewsette requests a blessing.

Mewsette approached Cookie as she was at her bath today, with her head respectfully bowed. Normally Cookie ignores her and sometimes gives her a good swat, but today she reached out and pulled Mewsette’s face close to hers and briefly licked Mewsette’s forehead and ear. Mewsette’s existence is now justified.

tortoiseshell cat and black cat
Cookie obliges.

Cookie is 19, Mewsette 4, a big sister who is little, and a little sister who is big. Mousse often makes these overtures toward Cookie and, often, she will simply be near Cookie. Cookie doesn’t think she needs a guardian but likes Mewsette’s company.

Like Peaches before her, Cookie feels it’s just her due as the grande dame of the household.

Like Cookie before them all, Mewsette is simply being vigilant with her senior brothers and sisters.

Here’s another image of Cookie with Mewsette, who keeps watch as Cookie sleeps, and another from the archives.

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