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Tortitude Forever!

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Allegra, Amber and Ruby.

Here on The Creative Cat we love our tortoiseshell kitties, Kelly, and also Cookie in memory, and the other tri-color kitties you may not know, at least not well; Peaches, the dilute calico; Fawn the torbie and her sister Nikka the dilute tortie.

Ingrid's Book, "Buckley's Story"

Nearly two years ago they all led me to one specific blog post on The Conscious Cat which extolled the unique appearance and personality of tortoiseshell cats, “‘Tortitude’: The Unique Personality of Tortoiseshell Cats“. I had recently met the author Ingrid King at a Cat Writers’ Association conference and knew she adored tortoiseshell cats, and through her and this post soon met more and yet more wonderful people as we began sharing comments about our torties, and our other cats, and cats in general, and family and life events, and all became friends through our correspondence on this one blog post. Last spring several of us got together in Virginia for one of Ingrid’s book signings and met face to face.

two tortoiseshell cats
Amber and Buckley.

In the comments on that blog post we’ve welcomed new people, shared adoptions and mourned losses of our torties and other cats, and celebrated and shared the events of our human family members as well, along with a fair amount of information about ourselves as individuals. We’re from all over the United States and into Canada, we are all ages and professions, the common bond is our torties and cats in general. Whenever someone comments here on tortoiseshell cats, I always give them the link and encourage them to visit the post and join our group.

All that sharing led to what Ingrid had never dreamed of when she posted the article on August 17, 2009—10,000 comments on one blog post! We hit the milestone this morning—we’d been promising this as a birthday gift to Ingrid, and we made it with three days to spare.

So first go and read Ingrid’s post today about our milestone, Tortoiseshell cats, one post, and 10,000 comments, then click the link in that article to read the now-famous post and join us for the next 10,000!


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