Sunday, April 21, 2024
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So That’s What It’s For

tortoiseshell cat with head on window winder
Kelly uses the window winder appropriately.

I guess I was mistaken. I thought those funny metal handles at the corners of my windows were to operate the windows somehow. But I see they are actually a convenient chin rest for a hot kitty on a cool marble windowsill.

Kelly’s been pretty devoted to this one at the corner of the big north window, otherwise known as Cat TV. We are getting birds, but these six cats couldn’t care any less than they do, and Kelly has been stretched out belly-down on the windowsill for most of the past few days.

The next task for me was to find one shot that best captured her out of the three or four dozen I took…I got it down to three. In part it was a difficult shot with the window light directly behind her putting her face in shadow. No matter how I used the flash—I don’t like flashes and don’t play well with the one on my camera—it flashed on the plant or the pencils, not on Kelly’s face. So I gave up. I liked her position best in the one at the top though it’s a little blurry, but I also included two others that were more clear.

Enjoy the results!

tortoiseshell cat with head on window winder
She's looking at me. Somehow I feel I'm making her hotter.


tortoiseshell cat with head on window winder
It's the whole scene.


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7 thoughts on “So That’s What It’s For

  • I always knew Miss Kelly was a FURRY smart kitteh!!! She knows how to take advantage of whatever is around her to make her nappy time the furry best!!!

    • Savannah, there was a day when you would never have seen Kelly on the windowsill, and she would have been frightened of the window winder too!

  • Just perfect. Love all three photos but that second one, with the chin on the handle – gorgeous.

  • I like the first one, too. But I love the look on her face in the last one…Momma do you mind!?

    • I liked her expression in that one too–it really captures her sweetness.

    • You kitties can always adapt the world to your needs. And what you can’t adapt, you just ignore. No baggage to carry!


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