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Sally Sitting in Speckles, a Vintage Photo

long-hairred white cat sitting in the sun
Sally Sitting in Speckles, 1993.

Time to break the feline color trend with daily photos with a vintage photo from tortie or black—to pure white!

This is my white cat, “pet quality” Angora, the wild woman Sally. She was deaf as a post and sweet as sugar as long as you weren’t trying to do something dastardly like clip claws or trim the knots from her fur. We got along fine as soon as I quit thinking I knew what was best for her, though I did manage to sneak up on her and clip here and there now and then at great risk to the quality of my own skin.

Sally was so much fun to live with, not caring a thing for being deaf she would race around the house at top speed just for the joy of running, litter-ally running over any other cat in her path, then reporting back to me, landing like thistle down on a table or shelf near me and mumbling happily to herself and purring, her nose and ears brilliant pink and eyes bright pea green, wanting love and kisses.

Here, though, she fell asleep in the late-day spring sunshine, sitting in the middle of the floor. She lived in a very happy little world entirely of her own making.

I chose this photo for today because it was taken just about exactly 20 years ago, in March 1993 when Sally was about 10, and the light coming in the dining room window reminded me of this and a few other photos. But we needed a white cat for once!

This article tells a little more about Sally and her deafness: My First “Less Adoptable” Kitty.

Read more about Sally here.


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6 thoughts on “Sally Sitting in Speckles, a Vintage Photo

  • My cat loves to sit the sun like that.

    • Kathy, Sally only sat still when she was asleep, and once the sun shone on her it was just a matter of minutes.

  • Oh my, Sally is stunning!

    I love the imagery of her “landing like thistle down.”

    I hope we see a bit more of Sally in the coming months.

    • Pam, I forgot to add the links to other stories about Sally! I added the links at the end if you want to go back and read a little more about her. She was a great inspiration.

  • Susan Mullen

    Bernadette, Sally looks like a fairy kitty. I’m sure she listened to the music of the spheres, since she was not distracted by the everyday sounds around her. I would love to have her self-confidence.

    • Susan, she certainly was a fairy kitty, totally undistracted. I loved her joy.


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