Rescued Bali Needs a Foster Home, and Meet Blackie

black cat for adoption
Bali dressed for the holidays.

Though Bali can be a little skeptical at first, once you’re buddies he is an absolute sweetheart—any kitty who allows you to dress him up like this has got to be a doll.

Several years ago on moving into a new apartment Kim was met by a colony of homeless kitties and eventually took them all in, spayed/neutered/vaccinated/tested and adopted them out. Bali is one of two who are still looking for homes; Anni, Bali’s best friend, is in foster, Bali was in foster but is very friendly with other cats, almost too friendly, approaching them for play and cuddling while they want no parts of it so Kim took him back to her apartment.

black cat
Bali looking very handsome.

Bali is a two year old neutered all black male cat. He’s microchipped, negative for Leukemia and AIDS, and current with his vaccinations, and while he has a very mild form of asthma he does not require medication or special litter. The person he’s with now would prefer a foster home for him until May when she can move to a larger apartment, but a permanent home would do well too. He spends most of his days now in the bathroom, separated from the other cat in the house.

That kitty happens to be Blackie, an amazing survivor of a number of conditions. He’s rescue kitty, about 11 years old and blind trough a herpes virus in his eyes. In recent years he developed glaucoma and the eye problems mounted. He developed a luxated lens in his left eye several years ago and had that repaired in July 2012 but developed serious complications in recovering from that surgery, suffering three heart attacks in the day after the surgery, in an oxygen cage and on a ventilator with a 5% chance of survival, and most likely with severe impairments, the resulting lack of oxygen leaving him totally blind.

black cat sleeping
Blackie after surgery.

“It took 17 minutes to revive him after the third heart attack,” Kimberly said. “He basically died in my arms en route to [the emergency hospital]. It’s a miracle that he’s alive. It’s an even bigger miracle that he came out of it fully functional and somehow smarter than ever.”

Though they tried to avoid any surgery after the incident in July the pressure in his eyes increased, and his eyes were enlarged and obviously painful.

“It took two months of planning, an Opthalmologist, an Anesthesiologist, and two techs for his surgery on the seventeenth, but he came through it with flying colors!” Kimberly said.

And aside from the issues with his eyes and his sight, he has a number of other conditions related to the herpes, suffered kidney damage after the heart attacks and was also diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, receiving medications and treatments for all these conditions as well as eating a special diet. Kim has her hands full and poor little Bali has to stay out of the way.

Kim has photos and videos of Blackie after the surgery in July and recently at at

Anyone interested in meeting Bali, they can contact Kim at 412-889-6094 or They all live in South Park, in the suburbs south of Pittsburgh.

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