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Cats for Adoption: Greta and Stash at 15

Black and tortoiseshell cats
Stash and Greta are trying to figure out their next move.

Greta and Stash just can’t figure it out. One day they were with the family they’d always known and the next they were with strangers. After 15 years in one place this brother and sister pair is very confused, but have not lost any of their trust of humans.

tortoiseshell cat
Green-eyed Greta.

And not only that, but according to Michelle Miller of the Homeless Cat Management Team they are truly rare and wonderful cat breeds! Greta is a rare “Pumpkin Spice Latte Tortoiseshell” cat and Stash is a even more rare “Mocha With Whipped Cream” cat*. Who wouldn’t be honored to have these two in their home?

And with most of my cats living well beyond the age of 15 I’ll be the first one to tell everyone not to be concerned about their age! They have a lot of life and love yet to share with an adoptive human.

A member of a local rescue group received a forwarded e-mail about a local family that needed to find a new home for its two senior cats or they would end up in the shelter where, because of their age, they may not last long. I won’t go into the details for the reason they needed to do this as the story changed a few times and involved travel out of the country, but a generous person agreed to take them in to foster.

black cat with runny nose
Stash in cat tree his first day.

Both cats were said to be healthy and friendly. Upon arrival both were frightened but only timid, and Stash had an upper respiratory infection with lots of goop in his nose. Veterinary records were promised but never provided, so exams were given and antibiotics given to Stash.

Two weeks later Stash is fine and the two are little love bugs, very friendly and longing for affection.

“Over the weekend while I was writing a research paper Stash stayed at my side on the desk for 7 hours straight, while Greta sat at my feet,” said their foster mom.

“[Stash is] all black except for that little bit on his neck. He’s a very loving vocal senior who comes to me when I walk in the room. He loves to cuddle and roll on the floor for belly rubs. He talks a lot, too, and drools a little when you pet him by the mouth! He also loves to just be near people.

“The tortoiseshell is named Greta. She has some white on her neck, just like her brother. She is not as outgoing as Stash, but is very friendly after a few days of getting to know you. She is not as vocal either, but she is very loving. She likes to eat and groom herself, and seems to be a little more independent. She would probably prefer a more quiet home – maybe another senior who wants a nice lap cat!”

black cat with white spot
Stash today, ready for pets.

Prior to adoption they will be updated on vaccinations, and they are treated for fleas/ticks already.

*We decided that “further identifying cat breeds” might just give a cat an edge in adoption, and Michelle suggested these…

Fred and Barney Update

tabby and black and white cat
Fred and Barney just need a little socializing to come out of the stone age.

Just a quick update until I get new photos—Fred and Barney are socializing by leaps and bounds in their new foster home!

“The boys continue to progress…Fred is way ahead of the game, weaving around my legs, chirping at me for attention. Barney is still unsure, but little by little, he is also making progress. Instead of running when I brought them their breakfast this morning, he sat still and dug right in. It sure feels good to be a foster mom and see these guys becoming the sweet loving boys that they are. ”

If you ever had a doubt that fostering, especially kittens, wasn’t necessary, or that it wasn’t gratifying, just remember Fred and Barney, arriving at a shelter with animal control and about to be euthanized as “feral” for their bad temperament, now well on their way to being sweet kittens and loving adult cats, ready to enrich some lucky human’s life.

Help Blackie the Miracle Cat Win

Blackie survived three heart attacks and is blind but has no idea is different from any other cat. His human has made a video and entered it into Animal Planet’s Luckiest Pet in America Contest. Watch the video and vote—and consider helping her by fostering Bali, the last of her rescues from her neighborhood.

black cat sleeping
Blackie after surgery.

Kim writes:

“I entered Blackie, my amazing miracle kitty, in Animal Planet’s Luckiest Pet in America Contest. Voting begins tomorrow and ends March 18th. Grand Prize is a donation of $5,000 to a local shelter, and I designated the Animal Rescue League as my shelter. So please help the ARL win $5,000 by voting for Blackie!

“Blackie survived three heart attacks due to a rare reaction to anesthesia, combined with an intense medication schedule the day after surgery. It took almost 20 minutes to revive him after the third heart attack, which occurred in my arms, en route to PVSEC. The lack of oxygen to his brain left him blind, although we had to remove his eyes several months later due to painful glaucoma. Blackie is not only functional, but his Kitty IQ is off the charts. I highly encourage you to watch the video. He basically died in my arms and now he plays with treat puzzles. Crazy, huh?!”

Here is the link to his video:

Browse some rescued cats and kittens!

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Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy!


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