Cats for Adoption: Mama Kitty and More

long-haired torbie cat
“Mama Kitty”, a very pretty long-haired torbie with white paws, is looking for a home.

Pretty Mama Kitty is all done with having babies now and needs a new home!

mother cat and kittens in a cage
Mama Kitty and her kittens soon after rescue.

If a kitty ever needed a kind and understanding home, it’s Mama Kitty. This kitty lived outside for most of her life, giving birth to, at best guess, four litters of kittens on someone’s porch. She is also mama to Angel Donna and her brothers who you’ve already met.

Mama Kitty was rescued by someone who regularly goes into some pretty grim circumstances to pick up cats in need, and on a freezing night he went to pick up Mama Kitty and her tiny kittens with the agreement to foster and rehome the kittens and have Mama Kitty spayed and vetted, and return her when the time was right for her and her kittens. But that person isn’t interested in taking her back.

She’s not the most affectionate cat at the moment, but she’s come a long, long way from the mama who wouldn’t nurse her kittens when a human was in the room, and she stands a chance of going even farther to being a sweet, quiet companion cat. She is spayed and has all her vaccinations and is FIV/FeLV negative, and just needs a quiet place to learn to trust humans.

It’s fun to adopt a playful kitten, but so rewarding to patiently earn the trust of an adult cat who’s never been treated right by humans. If you would like to help redeem the human race for Mama Kitty, please contact Donnie at


Angel Donna


dilute calico kitten on carpet
A little centerfold kitty on the shag carpet!

Yes, she’s as full of spunk as she looks! a lovely long-haired dilute calico, she has as much attitude as she has cuteness.

That doesn’t mean she’s a bad girl—after all, with that sweet halo on the top of her head how could she be a bad kitty? But compared to her sweet orange brothers she’s pretty bossy and independent. And she’s looking for a forever home to manage.

Her rescuer calls her Angel, but I added the name “Donna” in honor of that rescuer who heard about a mama kitty with very young kittens who were living outside on porch during our cold and icy January, and went out on a night well below freezing to find them and bring them home; he has similarly rescued many other cats and kittens.

Read more about Donna…

Bali and Anni

black cat
Bali looking very handsome.

Who wouldn’t like a pair of pretty and friendly black cats?

Anni and Bali’s rescuer moved into her grandmother’s house last year when she lost her job and was greeted by a colony of homeless cats. She has spayed, neutered and vetted them all and found homes for all but Anni and Bali.

She has since moved into a small, one bedroom apartment and unfortunately her forever kitty, Blackie, is blind and does not get along well with other cats, and also has a number of health issues.

Bali and Anni are the best of friends, and both get along great with other cats. She would love for them to be adopted together, however they can be adopted individually if need be.

Bali is 2 years old, neutered, micro-chipped, negative for Leukemia and AIDS, and up to date with his vaccinations. Anni is 1 year old, spayed, micro-chipped, negative for Leukemia and AIDS and up to date with her vaccinations.

Anni and Bali are both very shy and nervous around new people at first, and would do best with a patient family that is willing to start them out in a small room, and slowly open up the rest of the house to them.

Anni is currently living in a foster home, however Bali’s foster home could no longer care for him, so he has been living with his rescuer for the past two months. It’s a very stressful situation, as Blackie hates other cats, so poor Bali has to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, separated from Blackie.

Read more about Bali, and about Blackie, the miracle kitty…



Forbes is slowly getting accustomed to living with people after spending a good many years on the streets.

From what I hear, Forbes is an absolutely perfect cat—he is very friendly, walks on a leash, stands in the washtub for his bath—and he needs a home! He was trapped as a stray/feral to be neutered as part of the Homeless Cat Management Team’s TNR program, but was discovered to be so friendly his rescuer decided to try to find a home for him instead of putting him back outside where he was found. Here is what she says after fostering him at home for a few weeks:

Forbes is a rescue and came to HCMT as a feral cat, therefore he has an ear tip. When he stayed in my “feral cat hotel”, it became increasingly obvious that he is actually very friendly. We do not know what he went through before he came to HCMT.

Forbes is a large orange male, the vet estimates his age as 6-7 years. He is neutered and tested FIV-/FeLV-. His litterbox habits are perfect. I often think of him as Golden Lab puppy in a cat body. He is very friendly and loves to cuddle, he immediately rolls around the floor when I let him out of his crate. It is hard to resist his charm! He follows me around, just like a dog would. We are still in an early phase of our friendship, yet he allows me to rub his belly, which makes me believe he is a very trusting animal. When I pet him in ways that he is uncomfortable with, he retreats and flicks his tail to indicate that I am supposed to stop, but if I ignore him, he will let me know more clearly. He will do great with a human who speaks “cat.” He can be nervous and scared, and wants to be left alone in those moments; when I allow him to calm down, he will come back quickly for cuddles and purrs.

We’d like to think Forbes may be of noble and monied lineage, but he was actually found on Forbes Avenue in Pittsburgh. He is being fostered in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh. If Forbes needs to join your household, contact or call 412 689 7737.

Fred and Barney

two kittens with toys
Fred and Barney and lots of toys.

Do you think they have enough toys?

I don’t think they could ever have enough toys, considering their rough beginnings. And I don’t think they’ll ever take any toy for granted!

Fred and Barney just get cuter every day according to their foster mom who says they are sleeping on the bed, playing with the dog and asking for love, miles away from nearly being killed in a shelter because they were considered feral.

So these two boys are neutered and have their shots, are friendly and playful, get along well with other cats and at least one dog, and enjoy the company of people. And they are best friends.

They are actively looking for a home, or at least their foster mom is, so if you are looking for two cute kittens to join your household, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with their foster mom.

Stash and Greta

Black and tortoiseshell cats
Stash and Greta are trying to figure out their next move.

Greta and Stash just can’t figure it out. One day they were with the family they’d always known and the next they were with strangers. After 15 years in one place this brother and sister pair is very confused, but have not lost any of their trust of humans.

And not only that, but according to Michelle Miller of the Homeless Cat Management Team they are truly rare and wonderful cat breeds! Greta is a rare “Pumpkin Spice Latte Tortoiseshell” cat and Stash is a even more rare “Mocha With Whipped Cream” cat*. Who wouldn’t be honored to have these two in their home?

And with most of my cats living well beyond the age of 15 I’ll be the first one to tell everyone not to be concerned about their age! They have a lot of life and love yet to share with an adoptive human.

Read more about Stash and Greta…



long-haired black cat
Long-haired black cat left at kennel who I’m calling “Valentine”!

If you need a black kitty to fill your life, who better than a kitty rescued on Valentine’s Day?!

This lovely kitty was sealed in a box and left at a kennel near Pittsburgh on Valentine’s Day. I’ve named her Valentine for now. She’s young and “soooooooo friendly” as her rescuers describe her, but she’s a little confused. Who would do that to a sweet friendly kitty? They will pay for her spay (if necessary) and her shots, but they already have a cat in the house who does not like other cats and three cats in the barn, which is their kennel. They would love to find a foster or a permanent home for her. Can you help this kitty? Let me know and I’ll put you in touch with her rescuers.

Read more about Valentine…


All photos courtesy the kittens’ foster homes.

And read about other kittens and adult cats who are looking for homes.

Can’t adopt? Foster! Can’t foster? Donate or volunteer.

There are so many ways you can help cats who need homes and care. You may not have room to adopt another cat, but can foster a cat or kitten for a few weeks. If not that, you can volunteer at a shelter or with a rescue, or donate. You do this because you love your cat, and by doing so you help all cats. No matter which of these actions you take, you help to save a life, and make life better for all cats.

  • Adopt one of the cats I’ve posted here, or from any shelter or rescue near you, or from Petfinder, to open up a space for another cat to be rescued and fostered.
  • Offer to foster cats or kittens for a shelter or rescue near you.
  • Volunteer at a shelter or rescue.
  • Find a group of volunteers who work with homeless cats and help them with their efforts.
  • Donate to a shelter or rescue near you.

If you can foster kittens or adults cats to help prepare them for a forever home, please run to your nearest shelter and find a cat who needs you! Anyone can help with this effort at any level, even if all you do is donate to a shelter or rescue so they can help to pay for the food or medications needed for their foster, or the spay/neuter/veterinary care during a clinic.

The cats I’ve featured recently are from or were assisted by these rescues, shelters and organizations, though these are by no means the only organizations who are out there helping cats and other animals:

Frankie’s Friends

FosterCat, Inc.

The Homeless Cat Management Team

The Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Center of Western Pennsylvania

The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society

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