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Rescue Story: Mom and Kittens, Rescued

A little mom love goes a long way.

What do you do when you’re waiting for cats to go in traps? Photograph them, of course! Here are my favorite 10 photos of the two brave though tiny panthers and their exceptional mom from today…

That was last Sunday, June 21, and I had really wanted to share these right away! But any day is a fine day to share photos of a mom cat and her kittens. I was happy to be able to help trap these kitties. Their caretakers are wonderful and very helpful, and the neighbors all seem to know the mom and her kittens.

Mom and kitten melt my heart.


Here’s what I posted on Instagram last Sunday:

A little trapping today, this lovely mom and her two tiny panther kittens. Mom was trusting of her feeders and hungry, and went into the trap in less than an hour! Kittens were alternately hiding and staging adorable wrestling matches. They were hanging around mom in the trap but the temp hit 90 and mom was panting so had to go into air conditioning. I left about 4 when Alexa came with kitten traps. Already she’s trapped one! The little family has a foster waiting right now. Three other little panthers were sadly caught in a car engine. Please wish this little family the best! Thanks to the Homeless Cat Management Team for the networking and support to rescue, foster and adopt these kittens and mom too if she’s of a mind for it, if not she’s welcome to come back to her caretakers after spay and rabies.

Mom and kittens under the deck.

The bigger little panther is quite the bold kitten walking down the ramp.

Just a little swagger.

The other smaller one is incurably cute poking through the railing

Little bean!

Mom fearlessly decided to just walk into the trap.

Mom walks right into trap.

Look on the other side of the garbage can from the mom.

Look on the other side of the garbage can.

The kittens did everything to try to get to their mom while she was in the trap in the shade on the porch. They are directly underneath her under the deck. They were even sitting up and trying to reach for her.

Mom is on the deck in the trap, kittens are directly beneath her.

After I had trapped mom and saw the kittens looking up at her from under the deck, I decided to use a little trapping idea I’d had to use mom as bait for kittens instead of the other way around. I placed her in the shade next to the deck and placed a trap right in front of hers, then covered them with a sheet. The kittens were moving toward her over an hour or so, but it ws so hot and mom was panting, and there was no need to risk heat stroke for her. I moved her into the air conditioning.

A pause in the cutest little wrestling match under the ramp.

Little wrestling match.

I thought I was safe sleeping here.

I thought I was safe here.

Kitten silhouette, with eyes!

Kitten silhouette. Eyes!

Here are two photos of mom in the trap.

Alexa trapped the fluffy kitten after I left, and Margo and a few others went back Monday for the little one. She was eventually trapped in a drop trap. They are all now in foster. Mom was named Mariyah, and seems not to be feral but isn’t sure about humans. The kittens are Mojo and Marleigh, fuzzy and short-haired, boy and girl.

The Cat Writers’ Association on Instagram shared my post, so I added this:

When I see something that inspires me I need to do something with overflow emotions and ideas swirling around in my head. Taking photos of that inspiration is the perfect exercise for me to use that energy in the moment, and I often take that up to study later sketch, paint, write poetry or prose, sing, whatever. Cats are and always have been my biggest inspiration.

In this instance I’m thrilled to have photos that show a mother cat and kittens outdoors as objects of love and beauty instead of pestilence, dirty animals who foul the landscape and kill songbirds, and who are being actively rescued by me and several others to get medical care, to be fostered and assessed for their best future.

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3 thoughts on “Rescue Story: Mom and Kittens, Rescued

  • catladymac

    Hope all these sweeties end up safe and well in furever homes !

  • all de best two each oh ewe !!!!! de furst fotoz bee pricelezz 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Mariyah, Mojo and Marleigh’s chances of having safe and healthy lives just shot up into the sky!
    Thank you for caring enough to make sure they were trapped!


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