Rescue Stories: Kate + 48 Kittens, and Purchase a Calendar!

Fewer than half of the kittens.
Fewer than half of the kittens.

If I haven’t convinced you to buy a calendar yet, here’s another of the stories, and there are still a few calendars left!


A woman had seen someone dumping the kittens on her farm off Route 201 in Belle Vernon, south of Pittsburgh, and called the Homeless Cat Management Team. The person who met Michelle to pick up “a half dozen or so kittens” handed over two large cat carriers that turned out to be packed with 24 kittens in each in all coat colors and patterns, all around the same age, six to eight weeks. One adult cat was included, but no others, no nursing females who might be mothers to provide for all those kittens, and no explanation.

Ginger invasion!
Ginger invasion!

Despite the fact it was more kittens than expected and more than HCMT and Pittsburgh C.A.T. typically handle at once, we couldn’t turn away the sick, malnourished kittens. Several already had ruptured eyes from prolonged upper respiratory infections but all seemed socialized and when they recovered would be adoptable. All of the kittens had pneumonia and lung worms and herpes infections and needed to be treated for these each day for months at the clinic. When two of the kittens were diagnosed with calici, even though letting them recover from all these conditions is usually recommended before vaccines, all the rest were given their FVRCP vaccine to stop the spread of the potentially deadly virus.

A few of the kittens with eye infections.
A few of the kittens with eye infections.

Regular care for 48 kittens with combo testing, vaccines and surgeries and worming, in addition to food and litter, is expensive enough. On top of that critical measures for pneumonia, herpes and eye infections for 48 with multiple antibiotics, antibiotic eye ointments, lysine and more, was wildly expensive. It was also time-consuming for clinic volunteers. Cindy, a regular clinic volunteer, said it took four hours each night just to do their eyes. In the end only a few kittens lost an eye, only two kittens succumbed to pneumonia, but all the others survived and were adopted.

Kate and the kittens’ page in the calendar

The calendar page.
The calendar page.

Purchase your calendar here or read more about the calendar and Pittsburgh C.A.T.

Stevie and Noah’s stories are heartwarming but their care over weeks and months is not free—Pittsburgh C.A.T. still has to pay for all the exams, xrays, tests, surgeries, treatments and medications that helped them to survive and thrive. Pittsburgh C.A.T. will do whatever needs to be done for a kitten who shows a chance of survival, and also to find a loving forever home when the kitten is fully recovered and ready. Help Pittsburgh C.A.T. help more kittens and other cats and purchase the 2018 calendar, full of more stories and information. All proceeds go to help pay Pittsburgh C.A.T.’s medical bills for current and ongoing rescues.

Pittsburgh CAT Calendar cover.
Pittsburgh CAT Calendar cover.

Calendar is 8.5″ x 11″, 28 pages saddle-stitched and includes information on Pittsburgh C.A.T. and clinics and adoption.

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