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Daily Photo: Faith and Star, the Dealership Torties

Faith and Star run the dealership.

Of course these two torties caught my eye, but even before I knew they were torties I loved their stories. Each was highly unadoptable because of their temperaments and volunteers for Pittsburgh CAT tried for months to socialize them. Ultimately they were going to go to a barn, a nice and friendly one, but you just hate to see cats so stressed, frightened and unhappy that they lash out whenever possible.

I met them after their gig at the dealership worked out, story below. Faith is so beautiful, a quiet plushy round tortie girl, with a pretty round face, curious and taking time for naps in the sun in between strenuous toy mouse chasing. Star is more of the slender type with white on her legs and chest, talkative and interactive, known for shredding papers and messing up your desk. They both made use of the showroom with chasing balls and their favorite mice. I had wanted to get a photo of them on the hood of a fancy car, and though Star at least was known for that, neither would do it. Torties!

While neither of them is a “lap cat”, they still love being with humans and know the entire daily schedule of when food happens, for them and for humans, spending time on desks in a supervisory capacity. getting the humans to play with them, and greeting customers.

I got plenty of lovely photos of them in the showroom, lots of light and long reflections, which I’ll share in future photos, but this one of two torties minding their own business by the BMW was one that really captured them at their job.


If you want to buy a car at Murrysville Auto Sales, you’ll talk to Faith and Star, the two tortoiseshell managers.

Faith was found with her kittens in a parking garage in Monroeville and Star came in through BCHS for temperament issues. Neither cat could be returned to where she’d come from, yet they were not socialized enough to be adopted. They stayed at the clinic for all the volunteers to spend time with in an attempt to socialize.

Both girls were fierce and took months of patient handling, but they had no other options. They moved to be fostered with Tia and Mike in the building before the dealership opened, still drawing blood on a regular basis—Tia said she was never as scared of a cat as she was of Star. Ultimately, they decided to move the two to the barn on their family’s farm. Tia caged them next to each other, then in the same cage, and they changed, becoming friendlier, enjoying pets. Letting them wander in the showroom began to work, even with strangers.

When the dealership opened they moved into the showroom, batting their toys around the cars and shredding papers on desks. When Star began walking on the cars they were removed—the cars, that is, all the cars have to stay outside so the girls can play in their showroom. That’s a long journey for two homeless torties with big attitudes, but it’s amazing what the right loving home can do.

Faith and Star wouldn’t have had a chance in many other places, but we can give them time to see where they belong.

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