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Daily Photo: Always Keep a Basket of Cats at Your Desk

A basket of cats.
A basket of cats.

Just in case you need to pet a cat really fast it’s best to keep a basket full of them on your desk.

To the right of these three are two other baskets and a box, and they were empty. Mimi, Sunshine and Jelly Bean stashed themselves in this basket like a bunch of balls of yarn. My camera had a hard time focusing on them. It kept beeping and saying, “Everything is black, everything is black!”

. . . . . . .

From Instagram

Mimi and I needed to be outside for a bit even though it was dark and cold today. Nothing like a good scratch on her favorite scratching post.

Mimi using her favorite scratching post.
Mimi using her favorite scratching post.

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Suffering a Fool
Mr. Sunshine suffering a fool?
Mr. Sunshine suffering a fool?

Mr. Sunshine ponders the wise cat’s suffering of fools while Basil looks gently upward at apparently nothing. But you are both in the same spaghetti sauce box, Mr. Sunshine, and Basil could see something far more wise and wonderful in his imaginings than you could ever hold in your paws. From November 29.


A Meeting

A meeting of cats was called in the kitchen this afternoon.
Eight out of nine cats attended.
Each cat brought a different interest to discuss.
No consensus was reached on any point.
The meeting was adjourned for late afternoon nap time.

From November 29.


A meeting.
A meeting.


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What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


Gray Kitty Birdwatching, 2015
Teddy Bear watching the birds. gray kitten at window
Teddy Bear watching the birds.

I’m so accustomed to photographing black cats at this window I had to change all my settings for a gray kitty. Birdwatching is one of Teddy Bear’s favorite activities, right after eating and chewing on paper, with a lot of napping to keep up his strength. He’s even been carefully observing Mewsette and he’s been hearing the call of the cardboard. Quite the talented kitty, this big gray boy.

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Shared on Instagram/Facebook today.

Okay, so I won’t make the bed right now. Bella wins

Bella wins.
Bella wins.

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What other photos did I post on or around this date?


Daily Cat Photo: A Sleep-on-your-back Kind of a Day, 2014
black kitten sleeping on back
Smoky has a rainy-day nap.

It’s a lazy cold and rainy day and everyone decided a nap was in order. An all-day nap.

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What other photos did I post on or around this date?


Waiting at the Window, 2013
black cat with candle
Mewsette watches the street.

Mewsette watches out the window over the single candelabra, a nice, warm look.

Stay safe and warm in this bad weather. Your kitties are waiting for you.

. . . . . . .

2012: Leaving Her Mark
black cat scratching deck rail
Mimi makes her mark.

Mimi really puts it all into leaving her mark on the end of the deck railing—after she’s run around most of the railing and stopping every foot or so to scratch again. All the cats who’ve gone outside with me have left their mark on this railing over the years, except for Moses, who had no interest in scratching anything because she might hurt it. But Cookie, Kelly, Namir, Stanley, Sally, Kublai have all made good use of the untreated, unfinished wood of the rail (I apply a coat of water repellent once each year, and a coat of blue stain several years ago). She had a really good time of it back in the spring and in September too.

Mimi and I go out on the deck most days, and the surprise to me is her timidity. She rarely leaves the deck to join me as I fill the feeders, but sits on the steps or the railing and watches me. The surprise is that this was her territory for years, and the neighborhood was her stomping ground. Perhaps the memories are not so nice. Not that I mind—I like having Mimi outdoors but she is so small and quick that a few times when she did take off for the next yard or the front yard I was sure I’d never catch her, so we went with a collar and leash for a while, and have gotten down to the breakaway collar with noisy bell so I’d at least know where she was. I still keep an eye on her, but she has plenty to do on the deck what with marking the railing and smelling everything, like this rocker, which needs to be thoroughly inspected each day.

black cat sniffing rocker
Mimi checks her pee-mail.

. . . . . . .

Is There Anything Good in This Cookbook?, 2011
Mimi and Giuseppe hold my cookbook hostage. TWO BLACK CATS
Mimi and Giuseppe hold my cookbook hostage.

Why don’t you ever cook anything good?

What would you consider to be good?

Fresh raw mouse, with a side of fresh Kentucky bluegrass to cleanse my palate.

Kind of defeats the idea of ‘cooking’, doesn’t it, Giuseppe?

Well, you could still serve us something like that.

In the first place, it’s not my job to catch the mice around here. Second, you can get the mouse part yourself in the basement—in fact, you’d better—and no doubt the mousie would have recently eaten some fresh grass from the yard. You don’t need me to do that.

There aren’t enough mousies to go around. You need to go get some or let some more in.

I’m perfectly happy with the number of mousies in the house. Besides that, ask your mom what she thinks of raw mousies.

Mimi Mom?

I don’t care if I ever see another mousie again, dead or alive, raw or cooked.

But mom!

It’s a totally different story when that’s all you have to eat.

But I hear they are so good for you.

They are, but they aren’t worth the trouble. Now those freeze-dried mouse treats our human mom gave us, those I could live on.

I remember those…

You were very young, but I think our mom saved most of them for us adults when you kittens were running around torturing us.

Freeze-dried mice…

Giuseppe, don’t get any funny ideas. The basement is not that cold. Can I have my cookbook you two?

Are you going to cook pasta again? I see the olive oil in the bottle with all those strange cats on it, and parmesan cheese.

You aren’t going to get any anyway! Now both of you need to move so I can look up my recipe.

N.B.: Giuseppe hopes Mlle. Daisy Marguerite doesn’t think any less of him because he’s hanging out with his mom. He heard someone called him a “mama’s boy”.

. . . . . . .

…but they found a good place to sleep…
A 3-D Five-Cat Puzzle
A 3-D Five-Cat Puzzle

…so we’re not moving. All FIVE of the family, including mom this time, took a nap while I was trying to figure out the new blog system and lost interest in moving. They just can’t understand why mom spends so much time staring at the computer and saying bad words—just when they’ve completely cuddled and dropped back to sleep, she makes some loud remark that wakes everyone up and they all have to mill around and settle down again. It takes time to fit five cats together like that! Stay tuned.

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This was from way back at the beginning of my blogging career when I tried to move to a different blogging platform others said was “better” than WordPress. I decided to stay, and I’m still here! So are the Five.


From “Today”

“Exotic” from The Light in the Darkness


“Exotic” is one in a series of photos I took late on a very dark day, and only in that darkness could I capture the delicate beauty of these dry remains of wildflowers I’d photographed through the rest of the year.

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Three seriously cute housepanthers
Three seriously cute housepanthers

These three really have to stop this sort of thing. I have work to do and I can’t be distracted by such serious cuteness. Mimi, Sunshine, Jelly Bean. Mimi looks miffed, possibly because of the snow (see below), Mr. Sunshine looks like he’s making a face by sticking out his tongue (he and Bean had been giving Mimi a big bath), and Bean just looks like he’s there and he’s cute and nothing more is needed. Read more and purchase.


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