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Daily Photo: A Slightly Wild Time

black cat on swing with pillows
Mimi shares the swing with me for a bit.

Well, as wild as we can get on my deck, though it did look quite exotic to Mimi and me with all the foliage plants full and green and long splashes of sun and shadow. We started out on the swing, but Mimi prefers to cruise the deck railing and have a few good scratches.

black cat on deck railing with plants
Mimi cruises the deck railing.

Then she decided to inspect the lower areas and got up onto Cookie’s stepstool, where she used to sit to watch the yard. I took Mimi outside with me the day after Cookie died in February, and this little stepstool was the first place she went.

cat on stepstool among plants
Mimi on Cookie’s stepstool, the best spot to observe the yard without being seen.

When I have Mimi outdoors, I keep a breakaway collar on her with a noisy bell—she is so tiny she can be difficult to see to begin with, and she disappears into shadows under the late summer greenery like magic. I also have a long leash on her that seems to remind her not to have a big leap off the deck railing, but if she did choose to do so, or happened to lose her balance, the collar would break apart and not hurt her. So far we’ve gotten along fine with this. Unlike most of the other cats who’ve spent time outdoors with me, Mimi has more interest in reacquainting herself with the neighborhood; this is her old stomping grounds after all. But I’m not eager to see her mix with some of the cats I’ve seen cruising around.

She complained when we went back in, and stomped back and forth across my desk (she weighs 6.5 lbs.) but soon found her children upstairs on the bed and had a good long nap. Not a bad trade.

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3 thoughts on “Daily Photo: A Slightly Wild Time

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  • Mimi is such a tiny thing – it’s hard to imagine that she used to be an outside kitty, but then again so was Sugar! Thank goodness our mama kitties are now safe inside!

    • Vicki, sometimes I look at her and can’t believe her size, and all those kittens! Mimi had ideas about exploring, and I told her that was not her lifestyle any more! I’d be crushed if anything happened to her.


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