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Daily Sketch: Under the Furniture

sketch of two cats under table.
“Sugar and Spice Under the Table”, ink on paper, 6″ x 8″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

This is pretty much what it looked like around here for a good part of today with my neighbors who were taking “the bombs bursting in air” seriously in their Independence Day celebrations.

Mimi came to me terrified of thunder and loud noises after living pretty much on the streets or with a bunch of noisy people, and her children are variously frightened by loud noises or find them uncomfortable as most cats do. Only Bean didn’t hide and couldn’t figure out what everyone’s problem was, and Mr. Sunshine was concerned about Mewsette, spending time with her in the basement.

I was very proud of Mimi, actually, who used to just vaporize at any loud noise but who, as the pace of the firecrackers around the neighborhood quickened, simply stayed near me, though I could tell she was very tense. As evening came and communities around began testing and shooting off their fireworks, and yet another neighbor joined in with firecrackers causing their poor dog to bark madly, she gave in and hid in the basement. All are fine now, near midnight, but I could hardly focus myself for the noise, and for trying to calm them.

Of course, Lakota and Jojo were unconcerned, being rather deaf. I always joked with my senior cats that life was better when you had lost your senses!

This sketch isn’t from today, it’s from “Kittens in the Night, Part 2: Getting to Know You”, but I was about to sketch something similar I found myself walking around with my sketchbook and pen, not getting anything done!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Independence Day, or just a nice pleasant week day!

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14 thoughts on “Daily Sketch: Under the Furniture

  • Hello there and thanks for such a great blog:)

    Here in Norway our day (May 17) is celebrated a bit different with no fireworks, but New Years Eve have a way of feeling like the breakout of war. I can’t even remember the last time I went outside to watch the show, but it must be be back in the day before the cats came into my life. Now that day ( and the week running up to New Year too) is spend trying to calm the poor kitties, and myself as well to be honest:(

    Anyway, wishing you all a great summer here from our corner of the world:)

    • Camilla, we Americans have seen fit to break out the fireworks for just about everything any more! I’m glad you and your kitties only have one holiday and a week or two. Happy summer to you in Norway!

  • I LOVE this one!!! Oh how I’ve seen eyes like those…SO many times!
    Big Congrats on your Petties nom!

    • Thanks, Glogirly! It’s sad they’re so frightened because they are awfully cute when they do that. Congrats to you too, you’ve got our vote!

  • Just wanted to correct the prize amount for the Petties prize if you win in your category. It’s a $1000 donation to the non-profit shelter or rescue of your choice along with a personalized Petties trophy if you win. Thanks!

    • I thought that was it–either way, I’ll be glad to donate any amount!

  • Congratulations! Your blog The Creative Cat has been chosen a finalist in the 2013 Petties in the category of Best Cat Blog. Voting for finalists is now open through July 31, 2013, so let all your readers know! Please contact me at [email protected] so that I can send you a finalist badge that you can place it on your site. The winner in each category receives a personalized Petties trophy and a $100 donation to the non-profit 501c3 shelter or rescue of choice. Winners will be announced in an online ceremony in September. More details on the ceremony to come.
    Congratulations on being a finalist and good luck!

    –Christina at DogTime

    • Wow, Christina, I just got goosebumps and it’s 90 degrees! How exciting! Do I need to do anything else? I’ll e-mail for the badge right away!

  • Regarding anything that makes so much noise, I am in the line with non-human people, let’s get out of the way until the noise madness is gone.

    • Maru, so am I–I don’t like loud things of any sort, but especially firecrackers, so close and so frequent!

  • We really don’t like fireworks here either. Austin growls and goes on high alert for hours! But love the sketch. It should be used on posters warning about pets and fireworks!

    • Carolyn, I can’t imagine Austin growling! But high alter, yes! We’ll see what I can work up for the next Independence Day.

  • Very cool!

    In SoCal july 4 was like WW3, as Daddy called it.

    Here, our first in Houston, was downright boring. everyone was in bed by 9!


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