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Daily Photo: Why Are You Bothering My Sunshine?

You would like an audience with the queen?
You would like an audience with the queen?

Mimi was actually dozing on the warm windowsill and I did awaken her with my clumsy coming up the steps. Humans are so loud, even in slippers. After some time of me standing there she opened her eyes. Certainly not to look at me, though that did happen, and I got a photo of it. Then, because she could not unsee what she had seen, she turned her head and would not look back. This is the punishment for disturbing a warm sunny feline nap.

I will not look at your camera.
I will not look at your camera.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared around this date?


Reaching, Clinging, a New Cardboard Interpretation, 2014
black cat in green box
Mewsette pauses to hear what the cardboard remains to say.

Mewsette pauses in her work and listens to the cardboard. She is truly a Creative Cat.

I believe this one is called “Reaching, Clinging” for that frilly edge. Mewsette had begun with a few general large bites as you see on the left, then inspiration really struck her and she couldn’t bite the cardboard fast enough. Forming those cardboard stalagmites is not easy when all you have are teeth and an idea. She had to pause a few times before she finished the entire edge.

She’s been enjoying working in my studio while I’m working as well. The creative space suits us both. As long as she doesn’t hear one of my art prints speaking.

Read more about Mewsette’s technique in determining what the cardboard has to say and helping the cardboard to let it out in Cardboard Interpretation Artist

. . . . . . .

From the Archives: That Silly Tabby Cat
tabby cat in cat bed
Dickie stuffed into the kitten bed.

Dickie somehow tucks himself into the “cuddle cup” cat bed, though you can see he’s got a few parts that don’t quite fit, but he’s in there, and he’s happy.

Even though I’ve already featured a photo from a previous year today, as I was working with Mewsette’s photo reprise today I decided to share my other photo subject from this day in 2010. Dickie, above, is actually who I was photographing. I finished photographing him, meaning I took about a dozen photos from all angles possible just to make sure I got them all, then sat up—you can see I was pretty nearly on the floor—turned around, and there was Mewsette with the blue fuzzy. Quick, snap! And this was probably why I never got back to this series of sweet photos of the tabby cat I fostered in 2010, that photo of Mewsette was so captivating.

four black kittens in bed
The Curious Quartet cuddled in the historic cat bed.

Plus, there is the idea of color here, and the fact that it was a totally gray day and all my cats were either on my lap or under the covers—even under the bed! They didn’t do one darned interesting thing, and we all agreed that sharing another colorful photo from three years ago is a great idea.

You will notice this bed is green, and it’s in the green and white bathroom—yet one more accessory for the room of green and white! This little bed also has a history. I purchased it for Moses in the mid-90s when her arthritis was starting to slow her down, and it saw her and many others through happy naps and their final years. When she passed I added her little “rug” to it, and when Stanley passed I added his “pink sweater girlfriend” to it, and the little bed went on to foster a few litters of kittens, including a certain litter of four black kittens which you know quite well. To give you an idea of how big. or how small, this bed really is, I’ve included a photo of the “Curious Quartet” at the age of about four weeks napping in the bed. At the top is Mewsette cuddling Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe is next to him—you can see the greenpaint on his ear—and at the bottom is the Bean.

You can also tell the size of this bed!

Dickie was a totally silly guy, slept in bizarre positions and was also a very big guy at 15 pounds, and would have made a big deal about stuffing himself into this bed. I probably heard the bathroom door banging around since the bed is behind the door, and went up to investigate.

. . . . . . .

Black…Mats? Hats? Cats? 2012
black cat on box under hat
Black mats?

I make the mistake of curling up for a nap on a box that happens to say “black mats”, and mom gets all excited and starts tossing things on top of me.

You can’t see, but first she tossed her black straw hat on top of me because she’d worn it that day. Then she decided it wasn’t enough so she tossed her big straw hat on top of that because “you could see it”. Why would you want to?

Then she laughed.

Then she got the camera.

And I will always be remembered for this.

Thanks, mom.

. . . . . . .

Cat TV, Big Screen Version, 2010
tortie cat with weatherfish
Cookie with our WeatherFish

As Cookie and I cruise the yard, cleaning up branches and pulling aside flattened leaves to find green sprouts—okay, I’m doing the work and cleaning while Cookie supervises—I can also look into each door and window of my house and see everyone else watching us.

I know how much they’d like to be out here with us, especially now that it’s spring and the air is just intoxicating, but unlike Cookie they’d be off to other adventures faster than I could spin around and see them go. And then so much for my Backyard Wildlife Habitat if I introduce a non-native species that would surely wreak havoc on the natural balance—so I see from the neighbor cats who visit. And cats don’t obey property lines and can climb most average backyard fences, and where would I be without them?

tortie cat and flowered dress
Cookie and I have lunch al fresco.

I don’t let my cats outside to roam, but I have always had two or more garden sprites who hang out in the garden while I work outside. Usually this has been the oldest ones in the house who didn’t move too fast and were happy just to be in the outdoors. Cookie, however, has been outdoors with me most of the time she’s been with me because she feels she is somehow responsible for me, or so I gather, because she is never far from me, quietly vigilant, checking in with a head butt or a body rub every few minutes, purring happily and squinting her green eyes.

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