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Daily Photo: Five Noses, Mimi, Sienna, and More Weekend Fun

Five noses sniffing the spring morning.
Five noses sniffing the spring morning.

Just after I opened the door, five collected to get a good sniff on the morning, the very first open basement door of the season. Clockwise from top left: Bella, Jelly Bean, Mimi, Mewsette and Hamlet, each sniffing a different message.

Saturday was a little cold, but Sunday was lovely. Yesterday morning the temperature was warm enough to open the basement door without it setting off the furnace, and we made a day of it. I was laundering and cleaning and the day was sunny from start to finish.


On Saturday, I turned to see Sienna sitting at my elbow and quickly took her photo. She is so pretty! Here she is with all her whiskers.


She’s been exploring the house at her own pace. She now visits all rooms and the basement, but will suddenly turn and race back to the second floor as if she feels unsafe, which she probably does in some way. But ever since she began coming down to the first floor and realized there was more, she’s been at this discovery, then running back to her safe place.

On Sunday, she met the basement door. It took her several tries to get all the way down the steps, running back upstairs after each new distance. Then she finally made it to the bottom, then to the door, then she sat down. Bella and Hamlet were here gracious hosts, encouraging her and sharing their space.

Mimi and the Laundry

Well, I did say on Instagram that today was the first laundry hung outside this season, but that was not quite true. I did hang laundry out yesterday, but it was my underwear and did not make a good photo with Mimi, though she did go outside with me. It had to be a flowered something, and there were daffodils.

Mimi and the laundry.
Mimi and the laundry.

It’s just so good to get outside first thing in the morning. And difficult to come back in.

Not coming back in.
Not coming back in.

. . . . . . .

From previous years.


Not Camouflaged, 2015
Mimi is not well camouflaged.
Mimi is not well camouflaged.

Mimi may think she’s camouflaged behind this rusted flower pot, and I’ll let her think that

We had our “time out” and I photographed yet more flowers while Mimi explored under the deck, which did not make for good photos since it’s dark and so is she, but she enjoyed herself and apparently read all the latest news that’s not published in public on the forsythia, if you get what I mean.

Below she bears that same expression she had on the upstairs window a few weeks ago, typical of Mimi when someone is bothering her sunshine.

Mimi looking imperious again.
Mimi looking imperious again.

Then Boo, it started raining! So I’m sharing a few more pretty photos from yesterday. Everything is suddenly so colorful!

Mimi reclines on the wooden step.
Mimi reclines on the wooden step.

I promise I’ll share photos of the other house panthers too! Below, from last year, Mimi has a heart to heart with Giuseppe.

. . . . . . .

From last year on this day…


Feline Conversation, 2014
two black cats
Much being said between.

I was enchanted by this little exchange between Mimi and Giuseppe. Often we watch them and think they are cute and affectionate with each other, but I know that each move, each touch, each gesture, eye movement, whisker swish, like a ballet, nothing is wasted, each has meaning in the exchange between the two. This conversation was so direct, Mimi sitting atop her box like the queen visited by her son the prince, or like the goddess visited by her worshipper, but face to face, a look, then a touch from Giuseppe to Mimi, then a glance, then a touch by Mimi for Giuseppe, then a pause, and on. At the end they looked at me as if they had no idea I was there, as they may not have.

Perhaps I’ve been reading a little too much Rumi lately, but I pulled my copy of Coleman Barks’s translations of Rumi’s poems entitled The Glance: Songs of Soul Meeting, “the glance,” this mystical experience that occurs in the meeting of the eyes of the lover and the beloved, parent and child, friend and soul mate, a little explored theme in Rumi’s poetry. From The Glance, a portion of the poem “What is the Heart”:

What is the heart? It is not human
and it is not imaginary. I call it


Below I have a slideshow of nine photos from their exchange.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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pencil sketch of five cats
A Tangle of Cats at the Door, pencil © B.E. Kazmarski

Not that they’d all keep still while I sketched them, instead I wanted to catch their energy, not sure how many or how detailed I’d get I let the sketch build itself and drew them one by one as they moved around at the basement door, looking out at the garden in the morning while I did some work in the basement.

Fun, all five in a row, I believe it’s Mewsette, Giuseppe, Bean, Mimi and Mr. Sunshine.

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