Wednesday, November 29, 2023

cardboard interpretation artist

black catscardboard interpretation artistdaily photoFour Housecats of the Apocalypsemewsettemimi's children

Daily Photo: Feline Cardboard Interpretation Artist at Work

My Cardboard Interpretive Artist has been feeling creative lately, and has formulated a new cardboard interpretation from my pile of

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black catscardboard interpretation artistcat photographscatsdaily photomewsette

Daily Photo: Forming New Patterns, a Two-year Retrospective

Mewsette has been exploring a medium closely-related to cardboard: fome-core. It’s stiff styrofoam coated on both sides by two-ply paper

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black catscardboard interpretation artistcat photographsdaily photomewsettemimi

Daily Photo: Celebrating International Box Day With Renowned Feline Cardboard Interpretation Artist, Mewsette

Never sure when the muse will touch her and cardboard will speak to her, Mewsette waits quietly in deep perceptive

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