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Daily Photo: The Artist at Work

black cat with shoebox
Mewsette pauses in her creative efforts.

It took a full day, but the shoebox finally spoke its desire to Mewsette. This subject isn’t quite so clear as the others, though, and Mewsette must make frequent stops in her work to listen again, as she does here. We’re not sure what to call this one, either, so it seems she still has some work to do before it’s entirely done. Such a dedicated artist.

black cat with shoebox
Back to work, the side of the box has spoken.

Read more about Mewsette, the famous feline cardboard interpretation artist!

What other photos did I feature on this date?


Desktop Performances, 2013
two black cats
Jelly Bean suddenly turns himself inside out, Mewsette continues sleeping.

Everything was going fine, then Jelly Bean decided to turn himself inside out and sing.

Really, how am I supposed to work under these conditions? Bean did all sorts of stretches and rolls, and big sturdy Mewsette didn’t even wake up. Was this all an act to amuse me. Or abuse me? Please guys, I have work to do!

Jelly Bean stops to make sure I’m looking.

two black cats
Are you enjoying the show?

Later, all is peaceful as the sun passes behind the houses at the top of the hill, and all five cats are deeply slumbering on my desk, in the dark puddle on the left it’s Mimi and Giuseppe and on the right it’s Mr. Sunshine, Bean and Mewsette.

five black cats on desk.
All five black cats are sleeping on my desk, just in case I decide to feed them early.

. . . . . . .

Cool Cats, 2013
two cats
Quietly hanging out.

The temperatures were so high this week that I had to take away the red plaid bed, and Lakota was not happy! But he was also getting overheated in there—he’d get up and drag himself over to the tile floor and lie there. I gave them a fluffy rug and the two did fine right away. They are doing well and every once in a while a block the top of the stairs and let the two roam the upstairs for some exercise.

Jojo has lovely green eyes, and fits right into the black and green bathroom theme!

black cat with green eyes
Jojo with those lovely green eyes, fits right in to the bathroom.

Lakota likes to turn in a circle and rub his face on all his catnip toys. But here it’s time for a sunbath, so play must stop for a while.

siamese cat
Lakota has all his catnip toys around him, enjoying a sunbath.

. . . . . . .

June isn’t over yet—you can still find a loving senior kitty who will appreciate your home. June is Adopt a Cat Month.

. . . . . . .

Trying to Catch a Breeze, 2012
four black cats by window
The Fantastic Four line up by the window, waiting for a breeze.

Catching a breeze in this hot weather might work a little better if they allowed a little space between each of them. But the Fantastic Four do everything together, and as close as possible, even when it’s 96 degrees.

It’s Mr. Sunshine, Mewsette, Giuseppe and Bean. Look at the differences in the shades of their fur in this natural north light.

four black cats cuddling
Perhaps if they weren’t on top of one another it would be cooler.

And here’s a view of them from this year on a similarly hot day, same window, same Four.

four black cats
The Four by the window this year…

. . . . . . .

What, you’ve never seen a cat eat lettuce before? 2012
black cat eating lettuce
Mewsette enjoys one of her favorite snacks.

With a true carnivore’s eye, Mewsette pulls and chews at her favorite snack, leaf lettuce.

She doesn’t just taste it as my cats will sometimes do with something I’m eating, sniffing and acting interested, trying to like it even though they aren’t really interested. I have no idea how she knows it’s available. It’s not like a can being opened or a bag rattling…or the package of soda crackers, another of Mewsette’s favorite odd snacks. After all, I open the refrigerator all the time, taking the lid off the bowl makes no noise, nor does pulling apart leaves of lettuce. And she was there before I even got my salad started. I usually make my salad at the sink, precisely because Mewsette was there every day when I got out the lettuce, but had no room for other dishes.

She doesn’t stop at lettuce, either. I dropped a spinach leaf on the floor one evening and she was right on it.

black cat with lettuce
Mewsette the innocent carnivore.

Don’t let that round-eyed innocent look try to convince you—she really is a carnivore! When any unlucky little mouse strays into the basement as they sometimes do, she is the one who catches them and runs all over the house with them. And she loves her raw food meals.

This is what happened with the salad bowl Cookie was sleeping in once I’d gone to the farmer’s market. What will be next? Just wait.

. . . . . . .

Arrangement of Four Black Cats, 2011
four black cats in dim light
Arrangement of Four Black Cats

I tired them out with my work in my studio at night, but that’s what gave this its eerie cast. This isn’t the same group of four as when the Basement Cats came to get my soul, this time it is Mimi closest to the camera, then Jelly Bean, Mr. Sunshine in profile and Giuseppe sitting up nearest the wall.

They don’t even need to do anything and they are beautiful. All that sleepiness in the warm glow of one my drawing lights, so soft and comforting to me. The errant drawing paper, cardboard, foam core, my mat cutters, no matter, they can make a bed of anything if they are all together. I suspect it’s nice that I’m there too since there is not much chance they’d all be in there if they weren’t supervising me.

They’d better get used to this spot because it’s also to be used for my mini photo studio. Details later.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: The Artist at Work

  • Our Tillie was the one who did art on the boxes.
    We miss that.
    Mewsette has the same big round eyes .
    We love all the pics taken on this date over the years too 🙂
    We enjoy the Fantastic Four pics !
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

    • Georgia and Julie, the first photo I saw of Tillie was of her looking through the finger holes on her favorite box, just her eyes. When I saw the rest of her she reminded me of Mewsette right away, round eyes and all. I still love her too. Mewsette will name one of her pieces for Tillie. The shoebox is communicating with Mewsette right now.


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