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Cats, Dogs and a Few Friends at Steel City Pet Expo

kittens in cage
Kittens for adoption!

The Steel City Pet Expo was plenty busy Saturday and I didn’t get much of a chance to cruise around and see who else was there, but I did find some kittens for adoption! Above, the only photo I could get where they weren’t all moving at once—it’s amazing how healthy, confident kittens do their kitten thing wherever they go. Below, it’s back to a wrestling match. And that long-haired orange one is incredibly gorgeous! They were available through the Animal Rescue League.

kittens in cage
Kittens wrestling in their cage, unaware how cute they are.

One of the kittens from this set was adopted (before I took the photo) by one of the staff at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, where the Expo was hosted. She just couldn’t pass up this little one.

gray kitten
Just adopted!

Pet birds are rescued too. Along with a few of the bird trainers in the area was the Parrot Education and Adoption Center with various rescued parrots and information about those birds and parrots in general. Parrots are very long-lived, and despite they fact “they are just birds” they require a good bit of maintenance, attention and a special diet, which many people don’t understand when they adopt.

birds in cages
Rescued birds for adoption.

This woman came along with her two cats, one in arms and one in her purse. They seem to enjoy these events despite the fact they are usually more canine oriented. Both were shelter adoptions, and the white cat is eight years old and the orange one is two.

woman with two cats
Two cats who came as guests!

They greyhounds were there, and this lady got a little dressed up for the event. Years ago I’d met Going Home Greyhounds, long the only greyhound rescue organization in Pittsburgh, and when I bought my house I’d intended to adopt a greyhound or two. Too many long days that would be difficult for a dog convinced me not to, at least not until my schedule changed, and when it did my tiny house was totally full of cats and artwork. But I still love to play with them when I see them at an event.

painted toenails on dog
The Painted Lady—a rescued greyhound goes out on the town.

A friend who I met when I painted a portrait of his two Abyssinians and who has also rescued cats came to say hello with his two rescued Afghan hounds, who were far more interested in the crowd than us.

afghan hounds
A friend’s rescued Afghan hounds.

This little dog is totally tuckered! At first I thought he was a stuffed toy as the woman held him like a purse under her arm as we talked about a portrait, but then he moved. He was quite relaxed and comfortable that way.

black dog
One tired puppy!

I found FosterCat, Inc. and said hello to Audrey and her husband, and Norma Clouse.

three people for fostercat
Audrey and her husband, and Norma Clouse in the FosterCat booth.

Karen Sable spent time in the Pet Tech booth—she is a certified Pet First Aid instructor through Pet Tech, and the instructor for my first aid certification class, and she also spends a good bit of time running around to rescue cats and dogs.

pet tech
Karen Sable in the Pet Tech booth.

I finally got to meet Justine Cosley of Cat Around Town Grooming, a cat-specific grooming business. She is a Nationally Certified Master Groomer, a Certified Master Feline Groomer and a Master Certified Professional Creative Groomer. She welcomes cat owners to stay and watch their cats being groomed so both cat and person are comfortable with the situation. She also rescues cats, and recently cleaned up a kitty rescued from a junkyard for the rescue group who was pretty dirty, as you’d imagine.

woman with at grooming business
Justine Cosley of Cat Around Town Grooming.

I didn’t get good photos of the rats, ferrets, bunnies and snakes, and a lot of the other displays—only one day, and only a few minutes here and there to see things. Dr. Michelle Elgersma stopped by with her husband Steve and expressed how much she’d like to stop and see Lincoln. Those Canadians! Wrong president, wrong century, wrong assassination, just wrong–and we let her in this country. But then I had to admit that I don’t know my Canadian prime ministers either, and then I wasn’t so sure if they had prime ministers or something else!

And here is my booth, a double which I shared with Pittsburgh PetConnections. I was up later than I thought I’d be packaging things and my eyes were really tired, and so was I after moving things in and out, but it’s always worth it to be out with people who love animals.

me in art booth
Me in my booth with my tired eyes.


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