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Daily Photo: Celebrating International Box Day With Renowned Feline Cardboard Interpretation Artist, Mewsette

black cat in box
Mewsette listens for what the box has to tell her about its inner self.

Never sure when the muse will touch her and cardboard will speak to her, Mewsette waits quietly in deep perceptive meditation for a transmission from the cardboard.

We would be remiss at The Creative Cat if we did not celebrate International Box Day with an exhibit of technique by the renowned feline cardboard interpretation artist, Mewsette, who has a special type of communication with cardboard whereby she can hear what the box feels about its inner self. Mewsette’s aesthetic goal is to determine what the cardboard has to say and to interpret that message using the cardboard itself using no other tools than her teeth and claws.

Patience pays for the focused creative mind as Mewsette begins to feel a tingle in her whiskers.

black cat in box
She begins to sense a message…

Then she feels it fully in the brilliant light on her face and ears, the statement from the cardboard! And how fitting—she had begun this piece already and we’d named it “Sunbox” because it holds the sun coming in the window—expressing the box’s inner self—and so Mewsette has pulled along the edge of the box to create rays of cardboard like rays around the sun.

black cat in box
Transmission of message!

There’s always that weird moment in the communication, but it feels good…

black cat in box

Mewsette is ready to get to work.

black cat in box
Now I can continue.

“She always was an odd child, going off on her little explorations and playing by herself now and then instead of wrestling with her brothers, but I guess I just don’t truly understand a creative mind,” says the totally practical mom cat Mimi. “She must have gotten it from one of those fathers…and Giuseppe, well, they certainly don’t get it from me.”

black cat in box
“She always was a little odd…”

But Mewsette and I get along just fine. Mimi will have to learn to understand.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Celebrating International Box Day With Renowned Feline Cardboard Interpretation Artist, Mewsette

  • Whoa, this beautiful Ladycat sure takes her boxes seriously! Love the pictures and the post!

  • Oh – thank you, I thought my black cat Django was weird for chewing on boxes, but now I realize I misunderstood his creative and artistic intentions!

    I found your blog while searching for Steinlein images, and saw your wonderful salt & pepper shakers (I’m so jealous.) I’ve been browsing around for over an hour now and have voted for you for the Petties awards, and was moved to tears by your story about Frankencat and OGD, for which I’ve sent a link to a bunch of friends who will love it, I know!

  • there it is !!! we new ya couldna let box day go bye mewsette…that wood be like servin fish with out donuts…….ore sum thin !!
    az all ways, your form, style & interpretation exceed that of de masters in de Louvre !!! happee day oh card board everee one ♥
    heerz two an Antarctic cod kinda week oh end !!

  • bluemoonalone

    Another amazing work in progress..Bravo Miss Mewsette!!!!


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