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Daily Photo Reprise: I Have Vanquished the Blue Fuzzy, 2010

black cat with blue fuzzy toy
“I have vanquished the blue fuzzy!”

Mewsette emerges into the sun with the blue fuzzy she has chased around and around and around my room until finally she captured it and presented it to me.

I am honored.

Her triumphal stance is priceless.

Possibly one of my favorite photos ever, this was Mewsette’s “debut” in 2010, and another of the photos that encouraged me to post daily photos of my cats—I first posted this on my daily photo blog, Today, instead of posting it here! But I remember, and revisiting the folder of photos I took that day, that I only had one chance to get this shot, and it was only by luck that it was a clear and well-exposed shot. With Mewsette’s playful activity she only held still for a few seconds, and with the contrast in the sunlight and darkness it could have been completely overexposed. Lucky me! Enjoy Mewsette!

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16 thoughts on “Daily Photo Reprise: I Have Vanquished the Blue Fuzzy, 2010

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  • Wow, upon second look I just noticed that tiny glint of “blue fuzzy” blue in the inside corner of Mewsette’s right eye! Was that actually there? Definitely qualifies as an omg.

    • Meg, that was the exciting thing about this photo–when the sun bounces around like that you never know what you’ll find!

  • Paulette Smith

    Absolutely georgeous photo and model!!!

  • . . . and she’s a southpaw!

    • Meg, isn’t that funny! Actually, several of the Fantastic Four are southpaws, unlike their human, who uses both hands but is basically right-handed.

  • Priceless stance…..and, priceless photo! Love it~

    • Chris, they all have beautiful eyes, but Mewsette she has the most amazing round and bright eyes, especially when she’s playful.

  • What a lovely picture of the beautiful and victorious Mewsette!!!!
    She is a real cutie pie 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure, JJ and Julie

    • Mewsette is quite the beauty, and not at all conscious of it! Let’s hear it for house panthers!

    • Diana, I love Mewsette’s whiskers–I call them a “waterfall”.

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