Daily Photo: Not Enough Baskets

two black cats in basket
Mimi gets her due as Sunshine gives her a big bath.

It all started out with Mr. Sunshine and Mimi curling up in the basket with the nice clean canvas liner. Spending a day in my studio I love to be able to focus on the creative projects at hand as well as plan out my new ones, but beginning with Sunshine giving his little mom a bath, five black cats were determined to keep me distracted all day. If I had only known all they needed was another basket or two I could have gotten more work done!

Sunshine followed me when I opened the bathroom door so Emeraude could join us during which time Mewsette took advantage of the basket and crawled in with her mama. That basket was full and overflowing with black cat sweetness! Yet Mr. Sunshine felt he needed to be a part of it, even enlisting the help of each of his brothers. First he pleaded with his mama as she sat on Mewsette, having a good bath.

three black cats in basket
Sunshine pleads with his mama to make room.

Then he got Giuseppe to whisper in his mama’s ear.

three black cats in basket
Giuseppe whispers to his mama.

Then he got Jelly Bean to intercede on his behalf, but I’m not sure Bean was able to stay awake for that.

three black cats in basket
Sunshine enlists the help of Bean.

Then he got as much of himself into the basket as he could…

three black cats in basket
Sunshine fits as much of himself as possible into the basket with Mimi and Mewsette.

…and it was back to the beginning, giving his mama a bath.

three black cats in basket
Sunshine gives him mom another bath.

But he just could not fit himself into the basket. “You really need another basket,” he said.

three black cats in basket
You simply need another basket.

So I cleaned out the other basket in this set and all was quiet once again on the work table, Mimi sleeping atop Mewsette, as usual.

black cats in baskets
All is quiet on the work table.

This is only a small part of the action—it’s only Mr. Sunshine’s part of the story! You’ll see other photos from today coming up soon. Now how much do you think you would have gotten done with all this cuteness?

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