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Daily Photo: Mariposa Reflects

tabby and white cat reflected in doors
Mariposa reflects

Mariposa is multi-tasking here, and reflects literally and purrhaps figuratively, and also keeping watch of the front porch and yard. I am grateful for this because I know there are many things that kitties see that humans do not. Mariposa knows these things are very important.

I took this photo back at the beginning of May before I switched out the window for the screen in the storm door. I didn’t have the time to share it then, but now I see it every time I scroll through my folders of photos. A pretty photo of Mariposa works in any season.

From Instagram

I took down the second half of my exhibit on Monday and have been sorting things out and putting away since then, as the heat rose to almost intolerable temperatures. Here it is Thursday and I’m finally catching up at my computer! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with things after the big event. But I’ll be putting things away for quite some time. You’ll see some supurrvisors below.

So…yesterday, having to answer for my wild weekend of apparently ignoring them, even as I told other humans how much they inspired me. I have some ‘splaining to do.


My #supurrvisorcat as I set up my fixtures and prints and merchandise in the house once again. It’s been too stinking hot to work on this, but my car is packed to the roof and I have to get it done. With a boss like Mr. Sunshine, I don’t dare slack off.

In this heat I’ve been trying to get him to stay in the basement where it’s quite cool and pretty quiet, while it was up to 94° this afternoon. So it looks like I’ll be taking a break and taking Mr. Sunshine back downstairs again and hoping he stays there.

So much for that idea. He discovered an empty cabinet so I guess he’s going to stay up here and #supurrvise me.

It’s just amazing to see Mr. Sunshine acting like Mr. Sunshine again. He’s happy to back on the job again too.


From around this date in past years

Three Geniuses With a Cookbook, 2021

three black cats with cookbook
My three geniuses.

As soon as I set it down the boys had their paws all over my cookbook. What could possibly be their motive? Are they commenting on the recipe I’ve chosen? Looking for something they like better? Looking for the recipe for hurlyburly while planning to reenact the opening scene of MacBeth? Excited that there are big chunks of paper they can sit on and each trying to beat the others like a game of musical papers? Guess I’ll never know because they were exhausted by their creative efforts and settled down atop the book for a nap, or purrhaps that was the intent all along. Can a cookbook be a cat bed?


From Instagram

I didn’t end up posting anything on Instagram today! I developed cellulitis on my leg after working in the yard over the weekend, likely as a result of a spider bite, and decided after three days that it should be looked at as I don’t want to lose my limb or my life to a flesh-eating bacteria, and I also found a tick on myself after 10 minutes in the yard this morning, so I went to a MedExpress. All is well with an antibiotic, and finally a cold front arrived with a storm, a nice one this time, but I never actually finished something I’d begun to post. We are all glad for the rain and cooler weather. Our high temperatures aren’t anywhere near as bad as many others’ across the countries, but 94 with a heat index of 101 with a portable air conditioner makes it impossible to work on many things I do. Mimi and I visited the back yard in the rain today.

From the back yard and beyond

Click the images to read more about this photo on my daily photo blog Today.

One of the photos I took with Mimi in the rain today.

And just like that, the phlox is covered in flowers today. The heat broke with a storm and the flowers were covered with raindrops. I’ve been watching the stems grow taller but producing only leaves for weeks. Last weekend the first buds began to form at the tops of the stems and they were fast to bloom with bright deep pink flowers and an intoxicating scent.

tall phlox paniculata
First Phlox

Old Friends Watch the Sunset

Two old apple trees have seen many sunsets and weathered many storms atop this hill.

two apple trees at dusk
Old Friends


From around this date in past years

Jelly Bean Will Greet You, 2020

black cat on chair
Jelly Bean will greet you.

…if we ever have guests again! I know Jelly Bean would love it if we had people coming by. He’s ready to sit and purr so loudly you can’t hear another human talk. So would all his siblings and fur siblings. And so would I! I guess we’ll just have to be patient, but when it does happen again, you’ll know that a house full of kitties will be here to greet you.


From around this date in past years

Lazy Days, 2019

Mariposa and Hamlet enjoy a cool window on a warm afternoon.
Mariposa and Hamlet enjoy a cool window on a warm afternoon.

The top of the wardrobe is Hamlet’s favorite spot since his orange juice box collapsed, but Mariposa goes where she will. She enjoys spending quiet time with each of the other cats, just as she likes trying to get them to play with her. She and Hamlet are famous for stalking each other and their high-speed chases, and just as quickly it’s quiet and they are sitting side by side at a window, sniffing the breeze. Just two formerly feral cats living the life.

What a nice spot for kitties.
What a nice spot for kitties.


Photos shared in past years

Wordless Wednesday: Saturated Nap, 2017

Giuseppe is enjoying a nap saturated with color and comfort.
Giuseppe is enjoying a nap saturated with color and comfort.

Finally Warm Enough, 2017

Five at the door.

It’s a beautiful clear and sunny morning, and finally warm enough to open the basement door.

Basil, Bella, Hamlet, Mewsette and Mimi.

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