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Daily Photo: Lakota Front and Center

older siamese cat
Lakota front and side view.

Confusing? Lakota was on the windowsill enjoying the sun, and I captured his profile in the mirror angled in the corner above the sink. Look at those crazy old man whiskers. He’s very plushy, and his fur is feeling very good, especially now that he’s decided he likes brushing.

Meanwhile…look, it’s a Peeping Bean!

black cat looking under door
A Peeping Bean!

Bean spends plenty of time looking longingly in the room through the openings around the bi-fold door.

That is, when he’s not up on the wardrobe, trying to unlatch the hook and eye that holds the door shut. But he’s always nice. He is as nice as a kitty can be. Jelly Bean has figured out the deal. No more hissing from him, no disagreement at all. There is food in that room, and nice kitties get things other kitties don’t get. Rubbing on the doorframe is especially nice.

black cat by door
Bean is very accommodating.

. . . . . . .

Senior cats are a joy, they are full of love and deserve a home for their golden years. Adopt one  during Adopt a Cat Month!

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10 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Lakota Front and Center

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  • Bernadette, you got extra karma points for helping senior kitties!

  • Lakota is very handsome – and Bean knows it’s to his benefit to play nice. Of course, I’ve always thought Bean was nice anyway!

    • Vicki, he really is, and just as sweet as he looks.

      Bean is the nice guy–with each of the other rescues who’s come in since they’ve been with me, he was the one to get over the hissing quickly and befriend them first. He really likes other cats! And their special food.

    • He is very handsome, and I would guess with his shorter nose and facial structure he is Burmese rather than Siamese.

  • Sorry, did I miss a bit? Who’s Jelly been hissing at?? Is Lakota actually at your house?? [Is there Lakota tribe?? Feel like I know that name.]
    I love your ‘..nice kitties get things other kitties don’t get.’.. I can just hear you saying it.. in your being firm voice. 🙂
    Who’s that in behind the.. bi-fold.. door?? Sounds like an old song about a green door!! A very old song :(( LOL

    • Annie, yes, Lakota is here, along with Jojo–they are two geriatric kitties who needed a home, and I’m quite skilled with senior kitties so I agreed to take them. For now they are in the bathroom being pretty quiet. Yes, the Lakota were a native American tribe who lived in the Great Plains.

      Bean says this in his purrring voice with a smile. The bi-fold is how they get to know each other!

      • J.B. takes after his older brothers… they have always been VERY laid back and welcoming to other cats. Rather startled by that until I realized that they’d ALWAYS been with other cats here and the FIRST “new cat” introduction was Callie, the wily, wicked step-sister who taught them all sorts of naughty things. I’m actually shocked at how truly well-behaved Angus and Donal turned out to be!! I’m sure with additional catnip parties and treats, the others will come around. How’s Jo-Jo doing? Hopefully her fur coat is insulating her from the heat….

        • Amby, it’s their mom’s sweet nature, and maybe their more-polite-than-usual dad. JB is like the welcome point, and in a short time all five of them are best buddies.

          Jojo’s fur has a little extra trim, but it’s cool here for now. We needed a little pumpkin added to the diet for a few problems too…

          I opened the door this afternoon and Lakota walked right out like he owned the place. Jojo followed. The Five were all up on things so I let them walk around and get some exercise. It ended in some hisses, but no face to face contact. Lunch, then nap.


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