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Daily Photo Reprise: Pomegranate Toes, 2012

Tortoiseshell cat with pomegranate toes
Kelly’s pomegranate toes.

One of Kelly’s tortie hind paws is solid black—well, it does have a few orange hairs in there, but it’s more black than a lot of her other parts. But that foot has the special red toes that have always looked like pomegranate berries to me. Kelly is sleeping in one of her jumbled positions so in this photo, you see both of her hind paws while her front paws are tucked in elsewhere. Just to clarify, somewhat, I’ve included another photo of her sleeping on the stool, below, from a slight distance. The angle of the light and the color of the light is what makes the coloring in this photo so odd, but you “get the picture”.

tortoiseshell cat sleeping on stool
The full view of Kelly.

Well, maybe this angle is a little more clear, but not as cute. I’ve just been enjoying so much Kelly sharing my studio again.

tortoiseshell cat sleeping on stool
Kelly from above, maybe this is more clear.

And…Totally Relaxed

tortoiseshell cat sleeping on stool
Kelly has a really good nap on the stool.

Sshhhhh…it’s Wordless Wednesday…and Kelly is having a really, really good nap so don’t wake her up…

Kelly has always been a little uptight and sleeps with awareness, but now that she’s 18 she sometimes drifts off into deep space while she’s asleep and looks as if someone has draped a cat-patterned cloth on mom’s easel stool. Mom had to catch her when she started to slide off—headfirst!

. . . . . . .

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10 thoughts on “Daily Photo Reprise: Pomegranate Toes, 2012

    • Island Cats, don’t they look good enough to eat? I also had to keep an eye on Kelly because she would, eventually, slide headfirst…

  • I’ll have to checked Willow’s toesies, but I don’t think I will find ones so pretty. What an oozy relaxed pose that last picture is!

    • Cherry City Kitties, Kelly was very humble about her special features, but she did make sure to show them off now and then. And she could get into some pretty fantastic sleeping postures, from a really tight ball of legs and ears to a totally stretched relaxation!

    • Layla, that was an individual photo last year, and I couldn’t help but share it again!

  • That last photo is a hoot. Mom wouldn’t have posted anything else. Astrid has one beige back paw and all the others are dark. We’ve never looked at her paw pads on the one odd foot. Torties are so cool, or as our dad calls them…committee cats! MOL! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

    • Kitties Blue, Kelly had regular black pads on her other dark foot. She was totally unique! I love that photo where she’s relaxing–I’ll be sharing again soon.


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