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Daily Photo: Hey Lady, Where’s My Lunch?

black cat on pawprint blanket
Hey Lady, where’s my lunch?!

Lady Emeraude is feeling okay. Her white blood cells are still frighteningly high and her red blood cells too low, but they are not as bad as they were. It’s hard to tell where her heart condition is without an x-ray or EKG, but I don’t see any labored breathing or signs of excessive stress with physical activity. Her conditions are still there and pretty serious, but we are managing her ability to deal with them and her comfort level. When she yells at me for food, I have a good laugh!

But first she gets some pets, and that’s nice for a while as she purrs and sits up a bit and rubs her face all over my hand, then tilts her head around and says, “There. Scratch me there.”

black cat being petted
A little farther back.

“Ah,” she purrs, “that’s the spot. I can’t reach it anymore.”

black cat being petted
That’s it!

Simple comforts are often the ones we miss most when we’re unwell, and often the ones we forget to give when we are giving care. Emeraude’s door is closed more often than it used to be so she has more time to eat, and the room stays warmer too, but I try to time her meals for when I’m downstairs and overnight, so the door can be open when I’m working in my studio. Sometimes I walk past the bathroom door on my way to my studio and hear Emeraude yell, “Hey lady!” and I use my best waitress voice to tell her, “I’ll be with you in a moment.” Sometimes I open the door and scrutinize her attitude and actions to help determine how she’s feeling and start to get her food ready, crush all her medications and mix them with water then mix them into her food, and I don’t realize I didn’t even pet her when I entered until I feel her paw tapping on my leg and look down and see the photo at the top. She’s quickly forgiving.

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14 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Hey Lady, Where’s My Lunch?

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  • Paulette Smith

    Happy New Year, sweet Emeraude! You are a very lucky (& deserving) lady to be loved and cherished by Bernadette and the fabulous five. And you deserve every minute of it!

    • She’s gotten to like bossing me around, Paulette! Happy Mew Year to you and yours!

  • da tabbies o torut towne

    emeraude: yea…wear IZ yur lunch !!

    happee 2014 guyz….heerz ta happee nezz, health, loves N hope two nite ya get
    sum high qualitee grazz N nip N hope ya findz a donut shoppe open round 3:18 AM when
    ya haz de muncheez !!

    • Donut shoppe? You had to mention doughnuts!! Happy Mew Year to you and yours, Tabbies, and many trouts too!

  • maru clavier

    Thanks for the report! 🙂 You know how interested I am 🙂
    She looks gorgeous in the first photo, and that tail-tapping is a fine way to show that impatient moment.
    Difficult as it is, rewarding as it is… Let’s go one day at the time… may you have a good day today.

    • Maru, we did, and today was good too! She also taps her tail when she’s pleased with herself, like when she gets me to pet her, not that she has to work hard for that!

  • Nancy Blue Moon

    She looks quite impatient with you in the first she should be tapping her toes on the course all of that petting & scratching probably made her think “well..the food can wait just a little bit more”..You are looking lovely today Lady Emeraude!!

    • Nancy, she does the feline version of tapping her toes–she taps the tip of her tail!

  • You are doing a wonderful job with her (I know it’s not a “job”, but you know what I mean!! lol). It’s a bittersweet time, I guess!

    • Well, I’ll tell you, Carolyn, Lady Emeraude sees it as a job and I don’t think my performance review would be stellar if she were to do it!


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