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Daily Photo: I Feel I’m Being Watched

four black cats
Someone is watching me.

No, I’m not paranoid, I really am being watched by four cats who just can’t understand why I am still hopelessly ignoring their deprivation in the interests of my silly preoccupation. Because it has to be silly, nothing is more important than dinner on time.

“But you must understand our Mama Bernadette,” they say, shaking their heads in disappointment, “she lives by her own clock, and that clock has nothing to do with everyday reality or with our needs. We must alert her to timely things or we’d never be fed.”

It’s true, I was born without an internal clock and generally know what season it is and possibly what day of the week, but what hour of the day it is rarely crosses my mind. My human family shake their heads as well, since they are on time to the absolute second. I am the youngest, the timeliness gene must have worn itself out by the time it got to me.

While I have been diligently working through a good bit of a holiday weekend, below is what my fine felines have been doing for most of it.

four black cats sleeping
The Fantastic Four fantastically sleeping.

Back to my starving felines, I can’t push them too far, I am outnumbered and must attend to their needs. It is feeding time at the zoo, raw meat for the house panthers!

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Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy!

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12 thoughts on “Daily Photo: I Feel I’m Being Watched

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    • Actually, they are a performing group, “Mimi and the Fantastic Four”!

  • More than your Fantastic Four black beauties watching you, Dear Bernadette. I am, too.
    Even when I don’t comment I always check out your daily newsletter in my email inbox.. admire your talent n your skills.. your Fantastic Felines.. n Thank you for your company in my day.
    Happy New Year, Bernadette, to you n your lovely felines. I hope 2013 is a good year for You All. xxx Annie

    • Annie, it’s so nice to know you are there! I follow others in the same way. I hope we all have a wonderful ’13.

  • maruclavier

    Wonderful four!
    That is what it means to stare.

    • And they are hard to resist, but they don’t know I’ll just keep photographing them!

  • Adorable four faces, they show a wonderful intense stare… really.
    So beautiful those Fantastic Four.

  • it’s adorably scary! how lucky you are they are staring at you, and not some random part of the wall over your shoulder where there appears to be…nothing…you hope. that’s always freaky when cats see things we can’t. but clearly they are looking at you and they like what they see (with maybe just a teaspoon of impatience…). Happy New Year!

    • They are focusing all their energy on…me! But they do understand my failings as a human. If they looked up, they would be looking at the trap door to the disappearing attic stairs…where we sometimes hear scuffling…but we’re sure it’s just the squirrels! Happy New Year to you too, Sparky!


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