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Daily Photo: Can’t I Just Have My Nap?

black and white photo of black cat
“Can’t I just have my nap?”

Mimi had a strenuous session of garden patrol this morning, strolling around and sniffing everything, which makes me wonder what manner of beast visited our garden last night. It was not unneutered male, that one is obvious, but I think perhaps it was groundhog. Groundhog still seems to prefer mulberry seedlings to bean plants, so I have left all mulberries and watched them slowly dwindle, first losing leaves at the top, then bitten off at a perfect 45-degree angle about 18″ from the ground, then leaves stripped down to the soil. I hope the mulberries hold out until the juvenile groundhog decides he or she is too big for our back yards, which happens just about every year, and goes off to reproduce where there is more free territory.

She also had a successful session of vole hunting on her third tour of the yard, those smooth gray snub-nosed creatures that live under the thatch and groundcover in my yard and eat the roots of my vegetable plants. Cookie was once my ace vole catcher, humanely dispatching them before they could squeak, and my garden has suffered since she has not been around to keep them under control; I have not heard the owls nor seen the hawks since the woods at the top of the hill became a condo development. This morning, Mimi, with bell collar and collar and leash attached to me, still managed to pull two right out of my garden near the peppers I just replaced after their roots had been eaten. They never knew what hit them. She supported many kittens with her prowess, now they are for me, I suppose. She deserves her nap, but on the deck I still have to put my camera in her face one more time.

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3 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Can’t I Just Have My Nap?

  • Bernadette, I’m sorry that you have condos up the hill instead of owls and hawks.
    Back in Connecticut I loved hearing the owls whinny and the redtail hawks cry, “keer, keer.”

    • Meg, I got to imitate the little screech owls so well, we had conversations. I have no idea what I was saying, but we were communicating back and forth!

      • Thanks for making me laugh.


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