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Cats Are Like Potato Chips?

five black cats at door
The more cats the merrier! Jelly Bean, Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe, Mewsette and little Mimi in September 2009.

“Cats are like potato chips, it’s hard to have just one.”

Years ago, a friend of mine had a refrigerator magnet that read that phrase, and it still makes me laugh, and it’s still true.

More cats are owned as pets than any other pet—73 million as opposed to 68 million dogs—and I think it’s partly because what I discovered is true for most of us. I had six cats plus fosters at the time, and there always seemed to be room for one more.

And unfortunately, there always seemed to be a big supply of cats to fill the need.

Right now, in the middle of “kitten season” when shelters are overflowing with unexpected and unintended litters of kittens, it’s time to help take the burden off of shelters and foster families who have taken in cats and kittens to foster, so if you have room help to celebrate Adopt a Cat Month.

Get your CatFax!

Read more about Adopt A Cat Month, co-sponsored by the Catalyst Council, dedicated to helping the country’s most popular pet get the respect and health care they deserve, American Humane Association, protecting children and animals since 1877 and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society is reducing their $30 adoption fee for ALL CATS over the age of 6 months to just $15 to qualified adopters.  They have other exciting deals too, and don’t miss their CatFax! All cats and kittens adopted from the Western PA Humane Society are spayed or neutered, vaccinated with age appropriate vaccines, micro-chipped, and feline leukemia tested…AND every person who adopts a kitten or a cat will be given two tickets to attend the En Vogue/Pittsburgh Symphony Concert June 29, 2012 at 7:30pm while supplies last.

At Animal Friends in Pittsburgh, June is Smitten Season and cats ages 2 and up are priceless! Animal Friends is a no-kill shelter, so adopting cats from them will open up more cage space for more cats.

The Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania always has adoption deals and plenty of cats for adoption.

You can also find LOW-COST SPAY AND NEUTER SPECIALS at all three shelters!

seven cats
All seven cats on the cabinet in the middle of the kitchen!
cat for adoption
Allie is still waiting!
long-haired black and white cat
Pretty Boy lives up to his name, doesn't he?

And all the foster families in of FosterCat would love to see their foster kitties in new homes and then be able to help other homeless kitties!

Allie, at left, is still waiting for her forever home!

And Pretty Boy, at right, wants to cuddle with you!

So if you’re not already overflowing with kitty love, fill that spot with a homeless kitty!

Nominate The Creative Cat for an award and help to win $1,000 cash for the Homeless Cat Management Team
and $10,000 for the shelter or rescue of your choice!

Nominate once daily, each day from now until June 29.
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4 thoughts on “Cats Are Like Potato Chips?

  • Are they always in the same order when they line up at the door? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Cynthia, no, they constantly rearrange! It all depends who gets there first, but often Mewsette is in the left corner because she sits there when it’s only her, and Giuseppe sits in the middle. But if there’s already someone there all bets are off.

  • LOL Bernadette – Someone I work with actually bought me a plaque with that sentiment and it is so true for me! Since June is Adopt a Cat month, it really is the perfect time to discuss just how wonderful multi-cat families are. Many of us think that if we are a single cat household, that we cannot, or should not adopt another cat, which just is not true. Sure, it can take time for cats to get comfortable with one another, but with lots of love and patience, the awards can be amazing.

    I know speaking on behalf of my gang of seven, that they seek out and adore one another’s company. Yes, the fur does fly sometimes, but even then, it is based out of a bond and connection that they share.

    I hope lots of cats find wonderful furever homes this month and every month.

    • Deb, once my new computer is here and all my systems are back up and running at full speed, we’ll have to do something about multiple cat households, especially where many are siblings. You’re exactly right that people often think they can’t bring in another cat–I don’t know where they get that considering the number of multi-cat households–but showing a bunch of happy cats is one way to convince people it can work.


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