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Your Backyard Wildlife Habitat: Clear Away the Snow for Bad Weather Birds

backyard birds on snowy day
Birds at the feeder in the back yard, all the branches they normally perch on coated with ice and covered with snow.

Winter may begin in December, but the heaviest snows always seem to come in the new year, especially January and February. When heavy snow falls many other critters work their way through it safely, deer with their long legs and squirrels able to climb and leap, small rodents and mammals tunnel under it, but birds have to perch on branches or find cover withing shrubs that, in a heavy snowfall, are covered in inches of snow and sometimes ice as well. They can’t walk on the snow or tunnel under it, and while they can walk on covered areas that aren’t snow-covered, like on your porch or deck under the roof or furniture, that leaves them vulnerable to predators. They need your help to get out there with a broom or rake and clean off some branches for them, especially right around your feeder, and the all-important water bowl.

I publish this article just about every year, but prefer to link back to a previous year’s article if there aren’t any changes. This information never gets old!

Click here to read more about helping your backyard birds in winter.


Backyard Wildlife Habitats


My backyard wildlife habitat was certified through National Wildlife Federation’s program in 2003, and their site is still one of my favorite references for information. Visit and read about it, and begin planning your own and be certified!

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Wildlife Artwork from Portraits of Animals!
Snowbird, pastel, 5 x 7 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

There’s a bird, and there’s snow, and this also happens to be a “snowbird”, or a dark-eyed junco, clinging to a forsythia branch in my backyard. The original was part of my exhibit “Winter White”. I also offer this art as a card in my “Backyard Birds” series. Read more, and purchase.


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2 thoughts on “Your Backyard Wildlife Habitat: Clear Away the Snow for Bad Weather Birds

  • I feel badly; I shoveled runways for The PO’M and Sweetie in front and on the side of the house, but didn’t clear the back walkway, and now everything is frozen. The PO’M gave me a piece of his mind; he dislikes his feet touching ice! Guess my monthly performance review will be harsh.

    • When it gets like this it’s hard to tell what to do! We have very little snow, but after yesterday’s rain lots of ice, and it’s cooooold!


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