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Today’s review was done by Laura Gudenburr. Laura has been fostering for Pittsburgh C.A.T. since last year, often taking on kittens or cats who need critical care, along with her own family of five rescued cats and two rescued dogs. She and her husband have their renovated Victorian home set up with rooms and areas for fosters to be quarantined, socialized and to mingle with the household on their way to finding their own forever homes.


Solid Gold Purrfect Pairings Savory Mousse with Chicken & Goat Milk Grain-Free Cat Food Cups

Grain and Gluten Free and Loved by My 5 Cats!

The first thing I like about the Solid Gold Purrfect Pairings Savory Mousse with Chicken and Goat Milk is the packaging. The container is plastic therefore no chance of cutting my finger on a metal can lid like I did recently. The plastic container also allows me to safely let my cats lick the food directly from the container which I don’t allow with metal cans for fear of cutting their tongue. I have arthritic hands and was pleased that I could open the lid easily – it simply pulls off with minimum effort. Interestingly the timing of my first test was immediately after my kitties already ate dry food. They weren’t super hungry – nonetheless my youngest named Smokey eagerly ate the food directly from the plastic container as soon as I offered the mousse to him! The 8-month-old boy scarfed it up quickly and clearly enjoyed it!

He likes it!
He likes it!

Then the real test – would my other four cats like the food? I scooped out a portion into a bowl for each kitty. Everyone ate it and seemed to enjoy it! The test crew consists of an 10-month-old kitten named Pinky, who I fostered and adopted from Homeless Cat Management Team/Pittsburgh C.A.T., and my adults ranging from 9 to 14 years old.

I have tried various grain free foods because some of my cats have sensitive stomachs. Generally I like grain free food because the litterbox mess is easier to clean when kitties are on a grain-free diet. I feel good using Solid Gold’s Mousse because it is both grain and gluten free. I know that gluten free food has made a difference with my dogs. I think about in nature, cats would not ingest grain or gluten. I strongly believe quality is commensurate with cost in the pet food world. I am willing to pay more for a high-quality food because not only is it healthier for my pets, but my pets also eat less of the high-quality food to feel satisfied. I also recall seeing a respected local animal rescue organization cite the Solid Gold brand as a very high quality brand.

Smokey especially deserves the best food that I can afford. I first met Smokey when I volunteered to do an urgent transport for HCMT last August. He was found in a nearby city in the middle of a road by a young boy. Local animal control picked up the scrawny gray kitten who was infested with fleas and underweight. Volunteers of a rescue organization that worked with animal control named the kitten Smokey. Within about two days, the young kitten become lethargic. The rescue took Smokey to a local vet who provided medical and IV fluids. Sadly the vet said that he didn’t expect the kitten to survive overnight. Volunteers persisted and syringe-fed and gave medical and subcutaneous fluids to Smokey. That’s when HCMT received a call for help. HCMT has a larger volunteer base than the other rescue.

Smokey when rescued.
Smokey when rescued.

When I picked up Smokey from the other rescue, he was so frail and could barely keep his head up. I kept talking to him and petting him to give him hope and comfort. I told him that if he survived, I’d promise to give him the best home ever! Because he was too sick to regulate his body temperature naturally, HCMT volunteers kept him on a warm heating pad. Our medical staff examined him and determined that he was suffering from anemia due to the severe flea infestation had depleted his red blood cells. He literally was struggling to survive. HCMT medical staff determined that a blood transfusion was needed. Volunteers quickly assessed other cats in our medical care to identify possible donors. We ensured a donor had been tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia. A beautiful young adult torbie named Mindy was selected as a donor due to her health and docile personality.

Smokey keeping warm.
Smokey keeping warm.

During the next few weeks, dedicated volunteers ensured that Smokey was syringe fed multiple times daily, kept warm on a heating pad, and hydrated with IV fluids. Miraculously Smokey survived and once medically cleared, I fostered him and ultimately adopted him. Now thanks to HCMT and PCAT, Smokey is a strong boy with a great future ahead of him enjoying delicious and healthy food like Solid Gold!

Smokey and Pinky, "an arranged marriage".
Smokey and Pinky, “an arranged marriage”.


About Pittsburgh C.A.T.

PittsburghCAT was founded by many of the same rescuers who TNR to provide a system of foster homes to raise and socialize the friendly kittens and cats taken in during TNR efforts, and these kittens and cats come to us with sometimes challenging physical and emotional needs. We find a number of orphaned litters whose mother is too ill to nurture or who has died or been killed, or simply disappeared and despite all our efforts we can’t find her. Litters up to eight weeks are vetted and taken into foster with their mother unless she is feral and is returned to live with a colony of community cats. Older kittens who may be able to be socialized are fostered as well. Still other cats were obviously once someone’s pet, ending up trying to survive and often being injured or contracting common upper respiratory infections and other illnesses that need full treatment along with resolution from their trauma before they can be presented for adoption. We also work with several shelters to take the overflow of cats and kittens, especially those considered unadoptable through illness or temperament, and have helped these open-door shelters achieve a save rate above 90% for the first time in their history. For the past two years that Pittsburgh C.A.T. has been active we have adopted out over 400 cats each year. Visit Pittsburgh C.A.T.’s Facebook page to see cats for adoption.


About these reviews has a blogger outreach program through which they offer bloggers the monthly opportunity to choose from a list of products they sell to try out and review on their blog. I don’t have the inclination to write reviews, but the products are usually food, treats or toys, things our rescue, Pittsburgh C.A.T., uses all the time not just for our fosters to eat and play with, but as an important tool for socialization because most of our cats arrive right from the street, often with no socialization, or from traumatic situations. Food, treats and toys are often the best way to their little hearts. Thanks for this opportunity to provide a little something for our foster cats and kittens and help spread the word about the importance of and techniques for socializing rescued cats using products anyone can purchase!

FTC disclosure: This product was sent to the reviewer at no charge by No one received any monetary compensation for this review.

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