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Rescuing a Human and a Cat: Send a Valentine to Joan and Isis

woman and black cat
Joan and Isis visit regularly.

Dorian Wagner gets messages all day long about cats who need to be rescued. The publisher of Your Daily Cute and founder of Cute Transport pulls cats from shelters to safety and arranges transport all over the country. And she also has a day job, so her schedule is pretty full.

So when a message came in to her last December about a dying woman whose cat was still living in her apartment and needed to be rescued, it was one of many that day, and vague enough, with no photos, that it didn’t attract too much attention.

But she received another message about the same woman with the same cat, a woman named Joan who had been rushed to the hospital and from there to a hospice facility with and end-of-life condition, that she had only a couple of months to live but she was still paying the rent on her apartment so her cat Isis had a place to live and would not go to a shelter, and had no family near and no one who could help her cat, the story suddenly came to the top of the list. That message included the woman’s name and phone number, and Dorian called to confirm the story was legitimate, and see what she could do.

Joan had left without even any possessions and the maintenance man was caring for Isis, a two-year-old black kitty who Joan had rescued from a feral colony she’d been feeding outdoors. Joan had contracted cirrhosis from a blood transfusion, had been disabled by it over a period of years and was in the final stages of the disease, isolated and alone. Isis had been with her, a purring comfort, as Joan weakened, and had seen her be rushed off to the hospital, but always to return. This time Isis was left alone, and all Joan wanted was for Isis to be rescued from the apartment and taken to a safe new forever home.

woman and black cat
Joan sees Isis for the first time after leaving in an ambulance.

Dorian did that and much more, packing the possession Joan requested and visiting her, and not only finding a foster home for Isis, and eventually an adoptive home, but taking Isis to visit Joan, once, and then regularly. And then finding out snacks and food Joan liked and stocking her up, and taking her gifts, and collecting gifts from others to take to Joan.

Joan’s condition is irreversible, and she weakens every day, moving around in a wheelchair when she is able to get out of bed. With no other family and isolated from any friends she had no one before Dorian found out about her. Now she has a world of friends and comforts, and her precious Isis has a home, and also visits regularly. The bond between the two is obvious.

black cat with card
Isis with a Valentine.

I have a list of links below to read the story and the link to the Facebook page for #isisandjoan, so please read Dorian’s articles for all the details and all the news coverage as well, but first, send Joan and Isis a Valentine!

woman and black cat
Send Joan and Isis a Valentine.

Send it to:

Joan Price
c/o Dorian Wagner
330 SE 20th Ave. #504
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Thanks to Dorian for permission to use the photos in this article. And thanks for rescuing Joan and Isis.

woman and black cat
Dorain, Isis and Joan.

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Facebook page:, read the notes for the initial story.

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  • Very thoughtful idea and it is wonderful that Isis can visit Joan.

  • bluemoonalone

    I will be happy to send a valentine to Joan & Isis!


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