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Rescue Stories in Real Time

Tuxie and Blondie playing (later in the day).
Tuxie and Blondie playing (later in the day).

I began my series of rescue stories by telling the tales of the cats I’d rescued, those who lived their lives with me and those for whom I’d found a forever home. That is a finite number so I was going to run out of them sooner or later, even if I serialized some of them.

I’m not out there chasing cats around as often anymore, but every day others around me are answering calls and messages, helping cats they’ve found and organizing efforts to trap and assist colonies of cats who are abandoned or hoarded. Those current day stories are often ongoing with medical issues or socialization, and through that contain information and lessons that are valuable for anyone who rescues. A couple of years ago I started publishing a rescue now and then from among all these people to share the story, the information and lessons, and to publicly thank the people who went out of their way to help a cat or kittens or a whole colony.

Looking through the list of those stories the variety of cats and conditions is amazing, as is the strength, courage and persistence of all the remarkable people who were out on the streets to save cats. Many stories have happy endings with cats pulled from danger, healed, socialized, fostered and sent on their way to a loving forever home. Some don’t end as happily, but there are times in rescue when bringing a cat to safety and providing love and a humane passing, a true “good death”, is the sincerest way a human could rescue a cat.

For this post I’ve pulled together a list of the stories I published in this year alone and kind of categorized a few of them. Thank you for reading my rescue stories through this year and all the years past. I enjoy sharing them even more than I enjoy sharing my visual art because I know they touch many other people out there who are doing the same rescues right now, and they can know they are not alone even though others around them may think they’re “crazy”. We never forget the stories that touch us deeply, and in that way the cats and the people live on and help to move the cause of animal rescue forward a story at a time as we realize how many care deeply enough to give the gifts of themselves to help cats, and other animals as well.

And thanks too for generously donating to a few rescues who were complicated and expensive, and without your financial and moral support may have had a completely different ending.



Frankencat black cat on chair
Frankencat enjoys a lazy afternoon.

A Year Later: Two Special Rescues

Rescue Story: The Amazing Frankencat Needs Your Help

Goodbye, But Never Forgotten


Medical conditions

Ophelia and her vascular ring anomaly
Ophelia today.
Ophelia today.

Rescue Story: The Serious Case of Princess Ophelia PowderPuff

An Update on Princess Ophelia PowderPuff and Her Vascular Ring Anomaly


Tommy and his saddle thrombus
Tommy on the bed.
Tommy on the bed.

Rescue Story, and Help for a Rescuer: Tommy

An Update on Tommy


Other kitties who needed assistance
two cats in cage
Odette and Sabo patiently wait for their forever home.

Quint, the Kitty Who Paints, and Art for Odette

Rescue Story and Art for Assistance: Countess


Rescues with lessons

one-eyed tabby cat
Willie supervisin’ operations.

Rescued and Ready For Adoption, Cate Helps Change Things for Ear-tipped Cats

Rescue Story: Formerly Feral Boyfriend, Rescued and Up for Adoption

Daily Photo: Meet Josephine

Adopted: Josephine, and 90% Save Rate at WPHS!

Rescue Story: Willie, Boss Cat

Cats for Adoption: Kiki, Vinnie and Howie, the Garage Misfits!

Jack and Jimmy, Real Survivors


Cats for Adoption, Well, Soon: Scarlett and Charm

So Little Time With Gracen

Rescue Story Reprise: Holly and Molly, Searching Again

Cats for Adoption: Cassidy, Rescued and Ready

Finding Biomarkers for the Diagnosis of FIP (Maximus)


Hoarding situations

No more kittens!
No more kittens!

Sometimes This is What Cat Rescue Looks Like

Rescued Seven-year-old Eddie Says, “No More Kittens!”

An Unfortunate Situation, Fortunate Rescues

Cats for Adoption: Superbean, Panther and Emma


Meet the rescuers



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Friendship Friday.
Friendship Friday.



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