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Muted Colors: From A Year Ago

tortoiseshell cat on afghan
Muted Colors

Cookie is holding her own, getting a slow start today and somewhat declined from yesterday; still, we’re not on our way out. Thanks to everyone for the love and good wishes. They sustain us both.

One of my favorite photos, ever. Was, and still is, scheduled to become a watercolor; held off for Cookie’s condition.

Well, not from a year ago today exactly, but December 3, 2010…when I felt I’d lose my mother, who made the afghan, soon enough, and Cookie, as always, provided support for me. Life is an amazing tangled web.


Cookie naps in the afternoon on the old wool afghan on my bed, my old cat on the old afghan in the stark winter light.

The cool light from the window washes the color from the scene, but Cookie, at 18, enjoys her long afternoon snooze on the warm afghan, though even her bright orange is subdued in the winter light.

The afghan is older too, made by my mother many years ago from scraps of wool yarn in the familiar church window granny square pattern: four rows of color surrounded by black, which makes the colors seem even more brilliant.

But while I had my mother’s things in storage after I sold her house the storage unit flooded, and the afghan was unfortunately in a bag near the floor and was just wet enough for just long enough for the colors to soften, fade, and blend together. The happy bright colors I remembered as a child were muted by the black yarn fading into the colored yarns.

But the afghan itself was still warm and soft and I like its new look, so I rinsed it and dried it in the sun and continue to use it. Cats love crocheted things, and wool crocheted things are immediate cat beds. Cookie was the first back on the bed today, but the others joined her eventually. There isn’t much I love more than simply seeing my cats curled up in happy little balls in a warm, comfortable place.


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10 thoughts on “Muted Colors: From A Year Ago

  • We weave tapestries and afghans every year not knowing what color they’ll be at year’s end. Happy New Year to all of you. May 2012 bring much peace, love and purrs of happiness!

    • Those are the best ones, Layla, just working a new color in for as long as its needed. Happy 2012 to you and your furry household!

  • You and I share a special bond for afghans Bernadette… this picture is timeless and will make a beautiful watercolor. Bless you Cookie – my heart is with you. Warm wishes to all for 2012.

    • Deb, yes, down through the ages, these things carry their stories. Best to you in 2012!

  • I love the colors Bernadette – I’m sure it will make a beautiful watercolor painting. Give my love to Cookie and the other kitties!

    • Vicki, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thanks for your good wishes, and a happy new year to your lovely and special family and a newly-minted cat lady!

  • wow…I have an afghan similar to has been in our family for a mother gave it to me. I drew a picture of me and my 5 cats, with this afgan. The mulit colors appealed to me…I understand the appeal:) Purrs to you and all your loved ones!

    • Robin, welcome! Cats and household things are such an inspiration–they always have been for me.

  • Denise and Mlle



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