Saturday, May 18, 2024

Meet the Barbary Lion Cubs

barbary lion cub video
Barbary Lion Cub Video

The Barbary Lion, the world’s largest lion, has been extinct in the wild since 1921 but exists in breeding programs at zoos. These cubs were born July 7 at Living Treasures Animal Park north of Pittsburgh.

The cubs are being hand raised and will be sent to the breeding programs at other zoos to help maintain the species distribution.

In the meantime, they are squirmy little balls of cute!

Here is the link to the video on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website, or click on the image above: 1&h1=Creature Feature: Barbary lion cubs&flvUri=&partnerclipid=

And here’s a link to the staff’s blog about the interview with the cubs and their handlers, and more photos:


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