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Marketplace: Brighten Up for Spring With Colorful Note Cards

Inscrutable Patterns and Colorful Kitties note cards.
Inscrutable Patterns and Colorful Kitties note cards.

Spring is on its way, the sun has emerged and the crocuses are blooming. If you feel as cheerful as me about all this, send a card to a friend and share your cheer. Especially now, while we’re still on lockdown for hopefully the last few weeks, how sweet to have a note from a friend land in your mailbox with a personal note inside—it’s the next best thing to an in-person visit!

Smaller than 5″ x 7″ greeting cards, note cards don’t demand a big message, unless you’re so inspired. From quick daily sketches to fine art, I have over a dozen individual note cards and sets of note cards. That makes each image versatile in conveying your message: friendship, thinking of you, sympathy, invitation, and more. While we often use electronic communications for quick notes, that makes a card received in the mail all the more dear to the recipient.

I have over a dozen sets and individual designs, but I’m featuring these two designs because they are colorful and fun, and they are popular included with gifts. I created “Inscrutable Patterns” from a sketch I did of Mr. Sunshine observing me while I worked. Later I used my graphic design program to fill a page with cats and make each one of them a slightly different color. You can see in the detail image all the little eyes and whiskers too; that’s Mr. Sunshine’s saturnine expression for sure. The Colorful Cats note cards were originally a cut paper collage made with layered tissue paper modeled on what the cats were doing that particular day.

black cat with envelopes
Bella sorting envelopes.

Unlike other note cards aside from “Tabbies”, these two note cards come with a variety of envelope colors. Bella demonstrates them all at right. I enjoy just randomly matching a card with an envelope color. When you order, you can choose a single envelope color or list the ones you like.

The note cards can also be trimmed and incorporated into scrapbooking or collages, or even framed for your wall.

About the artwork

Each of the images comes from my portfolio of feline artwork that spans nearly my entire career as an artist. “Kitties Being Kitties” is the very first set of note cards I had printed in 1993, from ink sketches I’d done in the late 1980s. “My Cats in the Sun” is a collection of fine art paintings of, well, my cats in the sun, and were the first full color reproductions of my artwork, from 1998. They also include classic pencil sketches and a selection from my Daily Sketches, a three-year period during which I painted my cats nearly every day in a huge variety of media, just a quick sketch, no masterpieces, finding the inspiration and capturing the moment. This gave me a huge body of work to choose from for note cards and more.

About the note cards

Note cards are either 4.25″ x 5.5″ (A2) or 4.5″ x 6.25″ (A6).

  • Available in sets of four or six depending on design, and may be purchased in dozens.
  • Cards are blank inside.
  • These cards do not assort with any other cards.
  • Price includes shipping via First Class, Parcel.


All note cards come with matching envelopes. The two designs I’m featuring today come with many colors, which I pack randomly, or you can choose your favorite color or colors when you order.

Purchase your note cards

Find the set and purchase your cards on my Feline-themed Card Sets and Note Cards page, or click an image in the gallery below to see just that card or set of cards.

notecards with cats
“Kitties Being Kitties”, four simple sketches in black and white.
My Cats in the Sun feline note cards
My Cats in the Sun feline note cards
Set of six "Tabbies" Summer note cards.
Set of six “Tabbies” Summer note cards.
Watercolor Cats Note Card Set
Watercolor Cats Note Card Set
In the Box note card from Feline Pencil Sketches
In the Box note card from Feline Pencil Sketches
Colorful Cats note cards
Colorful Cats note cards
Inscrutable Patterns note cards
Inscrutable Patterns note cards
Saturday Morning Cartoons note cards.
Saturday Morning Cartoons note cards.

Create a gift set

Also, you can make up a gift set:

  • Each of these images is also available as a print on paper or canvas, print only or matted and framed.
  • In many cases I have used these images on gift items in my Handmade Gift Gallery such as tiles, keepsake dishes, refrigerator magnets, and more.
  • If you’d like to explore more, use the search box at the bottom of the page and search the title of the image.



Mewsette takes a sidelong glance at my paintings of her, trying to be polite.

Mewsette takes a sidelong glance at my paintings of her, trying to be polite.

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